How do you win during these tough times? part 1

Are you worried? What is worrying you? What is keeping you up at night? Are you enjoying life, or sometimes you get scared a

Are you worried? What is worrying you?
What is keeping you up at night? Are you
enjoying life, or sometimes you get scared
a little about what tomorrow may bring?

You are not alone. To win, focus on winning and exploring what you can do to thrive than worrying. No one succeeds by occupying their minds with thoughts of worry, poverty, challenges, shortcomings, and loss. Focus on winning. Making money. Approaching prospects and making a winning pitch. People clapping for your work well done. Put a lot of your time in new services you can introduce to your friends, family, neighbor, clients to win.

That is the thriving Mindspark.

This coronavirus pandemic has scared all of us – poor or rich, strong, or weak, man or woman, child, or adult. All of us have been challenged. It is an opportunity for each one of us to change and learn to do things differently. To think possible instead of impossible. To introduce new solutions instead of stagnating.

Now is the time to think and plan. What is your strategy? What is your plan? What are your values and habits to influence your behavior to win?

Start by understanding what you are good at.

  1. What is it you do best? What are your qualifications? What are those things you are great at? When did you last get paid for doing something well? What did you do? Who paid you to do it? Who else can you approach to pay you to do it again? Take a deep breath and list down your skills and all the stuff you are good at.
  2. What are your core competencies? What tasks can you do successfully and passionately? You have a core competence if you can do something easily and cheaper than any other person within your location. Once you identify your competencies, especially the core ones, you must create a strategy to get buyers now that you can do them well better than anyone else. To gain traction, offer your services at a lower cost than your competitors.
  3. What is your economic engine and what drives it? What is your firm’s areas of specialty? What special services do you offer? Which specific markets do you target? Who is your typical client? What kind of challenges are they experiencing which you must position yourself to fix? How do you plan to get in touch with your prospective clients? Remember, if you have expertise in demand, invest a lot in marketing and communication to reach the target market.

To be continued…

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