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How government is letting the country down!

Whereas the Government of Uganda is ‘innovatively’ taxing every penny out of Ugandans, it continues to waste taxpayers’ money in poor procurement processes. Most MDAs pay for services directly to foreign companies. In other countries, our firm is required to have a trading license, VAT and National ID for team leader!

When we get a consulting project in a foreign country (including regional ones), our firm is required to provide documentations which one can get only if they are a local company.

In the end, we seek for partnership. At the end of the day, we spend over 40% to 50% of the income to the local partner, thereby growing the country. In addition, we must train the local partner in the services we offer so that they can provide customer support when we are off.

The contracts also do not allow external consultants providing support for more than 6 months after implementation. This means we must do total knowledge transfer.

We appeal to government to review the procurement law to provide for policies that nurture and support the growth of the private the sector as well as improve the economy.

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