How high do you set your goals?

You should dream while awake. Not asleep. That way you avoid living a life of wishes. After interacting with many people as a coach,

You should dream while awake. Not asleep.
That way you avoid living a life of wishes.

After interacting with many people as a coach, mentor, friend and colleague, I realise that most people’s biggest challenge is trying to set too high goals, instead of low goals which act as milestones. That way, one can celebrate small milestones.

The most important thing is to have a clarity of focus. And then set small milestones whose achievement take you a step closer to your ultimate vision.

No one gets a plate full of food and swallows it at once. You do one fork at a time until your vision of filling your stomach is attained.

Bolt, the word’s most fastest man did not start breaking record instantly after birth. It happened after a series of trials. He kept improving. Participating in small and unpopular competitions until he gained confidence to start looking at the big stage. He attained small milestones and it gave him confidence.

Let your goals not break you to go an extra mile. That is why once you have a vision, all you need are clearly planned targets in different areas of your life that when they are achieved they take you to the next level.

It is very important in any environment to be challenged to move to the next level. Identify the key achievements people of your age and in the same background have attained. And try to emulate or beat that one. Keep it within context.

Don’t try to emulate the achievements of Baraka Obama’s girls. It is good. But chances of dreaming while asleep are high. You will probably never give the kind of exposure and opportunities Obama’s daughters have. That is why context is key. Look for peers that have gone through your similar circumstances.

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Remember the secret to success is taking one step at time. Don’t be lied, about setting big goals. What you need is making a right career vision that will make you stand out. Consider the following example:

Ambition (vision): Social Influencer as founder and CEO of large NGO helping street children

Mission (your game): Resettle street children in Uganda’s towns, by mobilising resources from top 50 taxpayers and public through digital solutions.

How: Develop a strong online presence and undertake aggressive advocacy. Manage the money very well.


  1. Get at least 2 (two) children into a family every month.
  2. Mobilize at least Ugx. 50,000 per week through crowd funding and other ways.
  3. Raise at least Ugx. 1,000,000 quarterly from donor funding by meeting at least five prospective corporate donors a month.

And that is it.

That is how you plan. No need for unnecessary goals. Just clear targets that focus you and your team. Don’t waste your time on goals. Focus on achievable milestones.

If you notice target c) it is not about raising too much money. A corporate donor could give more than Ugx. 20m. But that is not your focus. You want to start small. Even entering into the boardroom of a prospective donor is something powerful. Why is it that many people do not do it?

They set to high goals and end up not achieving any. Focus on targets.

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