How often do you communicate?

How often do you communicate with your peers and seniors? The more you communicate frequently, the high chances of being noticed. Make sure that you get a face time with people who have potential to improve your life.

The biggest challenge with many young people and even senior people who have been in the system for long is they forgot the art of climbing the corporate ladder.

I can’t tell how many times I have found managers who say have never seen a copy of the organization’s strategic plan. They don’t know where in the organization the next big action will take place. In banking, where are executives pushing growth? Automation, integration with mobile money are the next focus areas. If you find yourself still in brick and mortar, chances of career stagnation are high. The challenge is in a bank like Standard Chartered, you are no longer seen as a mission critical staff. The more you remain in non-mission critical areas, the more risks of losing in your career. You need to be in the know of the next pain points for the organization. You want to position yourself in these areas as the solution maker. This comes from how often you communicate with the CEO.


The more you communicate frequently, the high chances of being noticed


Read the room, understand where the biggest pain points are and make sure you are in meetings with the boss, giving them reports. Let them rely on you to achieve their goals. Once you achieve that, you go very far.

List down the top ten key areas of focus of the business and prioritize them as the top two. In those top ten, see which ones are strategic and are key outputs for the CEO. Make sure that you do something for the CEO to notice you. Try to push. Nobody will notice you unless you make yourself noticeable.

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