How some rich people empower their children, case 1

Occasionally, a request for an investigation service is received that appears too interesting to reject. Unlike other services, investigations expose our company and team

Occasionally, a request for an investigation service is received that appears too interesting to reject. Unlike other services, investigations expose our company and team members to great risk of personal injury. Work well done involves assembling watertight evidence that points a finger at a specific suspect or suspects. Clients do not want stories. They need specific relevant evidence that helps solve cases. The process of collecting the evidence exposes our staff.

We are very careful about the kinds of clients we accept.

Our professional indemnity insurers do not allow us to take uncalculated risks. For that reason, few investigators, apart from State actors accept cross-border investigations assignments. Thanks to this, many investigators explore investigation partners when it comes to foreign jobs for collaboration.

In March 2018, I received a phone call with a number extension +254 xxx.

Caller: “Is this Mustapha of Summit Consulting Ltd?”

Me: “Yes, this is Mustapha Mugisa of Summit Consulting Ltd. How may I help you today?”

Caller: “You have been recommended as one of the top private detectives in Kampala. I have a job for you. So, tell me about your experience and the kind of work you do?”

Me: “Our investigations work is very confidential. I am afraid, I cannot tell you about my specific case experience. I have been in investigations and forensics for the past 15 years. Occasionally, the case I have been involved in goes public and the client gives us a testimonial letter and allows me to publish it. You can always find such on our official website at”

Caller: Fair enough. Do you provide VIP protection services?

Me: No. But I know folks who provide the service, and they do great work.

Caller: Do you help in tracking or trailing people, just to ensure they don’t get lost. If we give you the name of the suspect, and their travel veterinary, can you follow them on a trip, and track them and let us know what they are up to, including places they visit, the people they hang out with, and the kind of lifestyle they lead?

Me: No. That borders on infringing one’s privacy rights. You need a court order to do such a thing. And I suggest you involve Police and for cross-country operations, Interpol would surely come in handy and help.

Caller: Ok, let me come clean. My boss’s daughter is travelling to Uganda and will be all alone. My Boss wants the daughter to gain confidence. Travel alone. Visit places. And enjoy her trip as part of confidence-building. But we do not want to take chances. We need a big-brother eye to track her movements and help in case of any danger while on the trip.

Me: While not give her VIP protection?

Caller: Boss wants the daughter to gain the confidence of travelling alone without any escorts. All VIP protection companies won’t provide a service unless the VIP knows what is going on. We need the girl to know she is all on her own on the streets. Your work is to just follow her movements and stay close by in case she needed help. This kind of arrangement prepares her great for street life.

Me: Great. Let me see what I can do for you. I will consult with PIs and security companies that provide that kind of service, and work with them to do this kind of job. It is interesting.

As consultants, we learn a lot from accepting new projects we have never done before. And partnering with other professionals who provide services which we do not is the best way to network in this kind of business.

I found this case interesting. Come to think about it, you must be deliberate about your intentions. Even you must be deliberate about parenting. Do not expect your children to attain the best education if you are not deliberate about it. You must have a plan for each one of them. And from that day, I got to learn why some people are shrewd and confident while others are not.

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