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How to add impact to your country #mindspark

Many people who have transformed countries and governments, are not necessary government employees or public servants.

They are usually private sector players who work with government as partners.

From the United States to Europe, to Asia, to UAE. Governments support the private sector to create jobs and drive the economy. The tallest building in the world is located in Dubai. It is a Development by a private sector player working with government as a strategic partner. In the USA, tech giants like Amazon, Apple, SpaceX, Facebook etc work with government as partners. That is how the magic happens.

Speaking to Congress, Alphabet’s CEO, said that their flagship company, Google partnered with Pentagon for security support and technology sharing. That is the kind of collaboration needed to spur transformation.

Private sector players doing business with government and NOT necessarily government employees working for government make more impact on the overall economic progress and wealth creation.

The reason is simple: the focus of many public servants is expenditure and service delivery whereas the focus of private sector players is productivity, value addition and wealth growth.

Do you hear that?

Here is another reason for government to embrace the private sector. Support it with stimulus incentives. Local business partners are always the best bet.

Government must always plan to ‘water’ or irrigate the private sector garden. How, you may ask: by investing in quality health services, fixing the infrastructure especially roads, affordable reliable electricity, contractual enforcement, investing in the population by transforming it with quality education and technology among others.

It is always a problem for the economy when the political season leads to almost a total closure of everything else.

That is why the private sector needs to be empowered to win without political risks.

What is your business? What support would you need from government during COVID-19 times like these? Has your member of parliament provided for the same in the manifesto? Vote well.

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