How to set a stage for productive meetings


If you want to have a great meeting, start by asking why you need the meeting in the first place. Before you call for a meeting, set the agenda by asking the following questions:

a) What new information to be shared?

b) What change to be announced?

c) Do we need to review or modify any policies?

d) Do we need to solve a problem?

e) Do we need to motivate or reward the team?f) What new idea or product to introduce a new product

The next step is to focus on your meeting outcomes. What are your expected meeting outcomes? 
a) What should happen after the meeting?

b) Why meet? What are the required results of the meeting?

c) How will meeting success be measured? How will we know if these results are met?

d) How to monitor and report success? How will the direct supervisors know if results are met?

Do not go into a meeting without a clear agenda. Identify the key meeting outcomes, establish an agenda with the key people who matter and then have the respective staff write briefing papers to inform the meeting. 

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