How to win at Panel Interviews easily common questions answered

Have you ever lost that much needed promotion job at the last minute at the panel interview? Have you ever felt too intimidated by

Have you ever lost that much needed promotion job at the last minute at the panel interview?

Have you ever felt too intimidated by panel members?

My first panel interview was also the toughest.

A high-level job was advertised on the website of the professional accountancy body, which I am a member. I checked the listed minimum requirements. I saw I had all it took. I decided to try my luck. I took time to write a custom CV for the job from the perspective of the person who wrote it – in this case was the chief executive officer of a regional association. They wanted a senior person to start a new research and advocacy unit in response to the emerging needs of the profession.

Three weeks after the CV submission deadline, I received an email from the prospective recruiter. It read “Congratulations! You have been shortlisted for interviews for the position you applied for. Interviews will be held in South Africa. You will be contacted again for travel and accommodation arrangements while in SA. See you in SA. Kind regards.”

Guess what I felt when I read that email.


The D-day arrived, and I boarded a plane to SA, Johannesburg.

I found three other people at the waiting room. I was not scared, “may be they are here for other reasons or jobs.”

My turn arrived, and my name was called “Mustapha Mugisa”; by a light skinned lady; tall lady in her mid-twenties. If you have seen the ladies that dance at the Zulu King functions, you know what I am talking about. The way she pronounced my name was nice.

I stood up and she led me into the boardroom. It was large. I found eight people (all men) seated around. They had left one chair for me at the front. As I entered they started a conversation on IFRS standards. Then the chairman looked at me and said “you are welcome to South Africa. How are you?”   I replied. He then introduced himself and asked all other members to introduce themselves.

The that expected question popped up:

“Tell us about yourself and why you for this job?”

Why do many people worry and sweat at panel interviews when they have 7o% chances of predicting the questions which panellists are likely to ask?

Do you worry when they invite you for panel interviews?

If yes, worry no more. I have helped over 47 executives attain top level jobs at both manager and Director level. Of these, seven wanted coaching to win at CEO level Interviews.

I have developed a cheat sheet to help you thrive.

This coaching or guidance is ideal for candidates who have been invited for panel interviews for senior jobs. At higher levels in the organisational structure, Interviewers are looking for leaders. This guide will help fine tune your minds to think and act long-term with a strategic outlook.

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The ability to speak with confidence and answer questions from Interviewers perspective can be learnt.

Whether you are a consultant or an expert looking for a better job or an employee looking to climbing the corporate ladder, these tips are invaluable. Positional power or not, you need to get a promotion. The higher you go the better things become. Less legs and hands work, bigger decisions and better pay.

And to do so, at one life in your career you will be called before a group of people to decide your fate. They will give you an opportunity to talk. And that is where this article comes.

By the time you read up to the end of this article, you will discover secrets outstanding candidates use to leave Interviewers on the edge of their seats. Here we go with the common interview questions.

Download below

Pannel-Interview-guide-cheat-sheet.pdf (377 downloads )


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