If you lack the skills the company needs to grow; you don’t deserve a job

What skills do you bring on the table? What is the value of the skills you bring on the table. Getting a job is one thing. Keeping it is a different ball game.

Many people join companies and forget about acquiring skills that are relevant and responsive to the emerging needs of the organization.  Great team members keep asking themselves, “if I do not come to work tomorrow, what will the organization miss?” Asking and answering this question helps clarify the value you bring on the table. Don’t try to compare yourself with other staff in which case you may forget about adding new skills as you may lie yourself that you are better than them in terms of qualifications, when what the company needs is networks and ability to deliver and not “paper qualifications.”

A case in point

A young man asked me how to keep their job after internship. I told him “identify a skill that all staff need, but don’t have. Be the champion. I said, since all organizations have computers with Microsoft Office, invest to understand MS Excel, Word and PPT very well and be a champion. All executives need to master such skills. Be the champion others look up to when they need help. Make sure that during your internship period, you tell HR about your skills and ask HR to organize training for all new hires. This advise worked magic for the young man, who later became a head of department.

With skills, not just qualifications, you can get and keep any job.

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