Is there a stone in your shoe

Are you driving a car on a flat-tyre? Much as the car may continue to move, it cannot go as fast as it should.

Are you driving a car on a flat-tyre? Much as the car may continue to move, it cannot go as fast as it should. The car cannot run on at high speed on a flat tire.

The best decision is to get the tire fixed.

The same thing happens when a stone accidentally enters into your running shoe. It becomes a bottleneck. However fast you may try to run or walk, you just cannot go faster. It is a bottleneck you must stop and fix first.

When you have productivity leakages, what do you do at the workplace? You must stop and first fix it.

When it comes to the business, the fact is staff are the most valuable asset. The challenge for all of us, yours truly included, is understanding how to get the most of the staff. Different people mean different backgrounds, stories, behaviors, and manners. What is the formula for understanding each of these people and guiding them to achieve their best?

The right placement is a critical skill all of us must master. The art of putting people in their right respective places. A goalkeeper goes to the goal, a striker to the front and natural defender to the defense. When you try to interchange these people, you may not get the desired results. If you put the striker in the goals and the keeper to score in front, chances are high you will concede goals and fail to score.

Poor staff placement leads to productivity leakages. You need passionate people with the right attitude to facilitate Mindspark.

You must remove the stone in the shoe by putting the right people in the right places. And where someone fails to be outstanding in their area, it is better to replace them.

For you who love football, once in a while, a highly paid player is sold. The turnover at Manchester United club, for example in the 2019/20 season was over 70% for the professional players, including folks who had been in the club for more than 6 years. They were let go. Why, when you are not delivering results with the current team, you must change in order to move on.

Most of the time, the caches, are the first victims. But when the new coach fails to get the results with the team, they buy new players and sell others.

Football has great lessons for business. Don’t keep a player with a bad attitude. Such players to a team, are like a stone in the shoe.

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