Lessons from #covid19 pandemic

The world is fighting a tiny enemy that cannot easily be seen even with a microscope! Coronavirus is trending on all platforms. Thus far,

The world is fighting a tiny enemy that cannot easily be seen even with a microscope!

Coronavirus is trending on all platforms. Thus far, there are no solutions in sight.

Humanity has spent a lot of time investing in cyber weaponry capabilities in anticipation of digital terrorism and cyberwars. More money was spent in “the button” in preparation of atomic warfare and high tech weaponry. However, in the wake of Coronavirus, our current capabilities fall short.

In Africa, our leaders neglected investments in health research. The state of our health facilities is dire and poorly developed. For long, our leaders have relied on medical tourism—where they travel to foreign countries for their medical needs leaving the general public exposed to poor healthcare.

Now the invisible virus has caused the closure of borders and airports to human travels. It has grounded most of the airlines and led to the suspension of cross border travels. Now our leaders are noticing the importance of self-reliance. You must have established local centres of excellence in all areas from health to education to research and innovation. Globally, local universities boast of some of the best referral hospitals.

Any university that teaches sciences must have the local hospital and a state of the art research centre in each of the science fields. Research findings must be tested in labs!

So what has Coronavirus taught us?

  1. The virus is still with us. You must find a way to continue your work even during a lockdown.
  2. The world has been affected significantly. It will take a long time to resume life as we knew it. So many people have died. Our loved ones and friends are being buried in very low profile burial functions, something we have not been used to. We need to learn to live simple lives
  3. Wealth and accumulation of property is all vanity. So many people stole money from their local economies and invested in real estate and other properties abroad. However, in the wake of Coronavirus, borders have been closed! That means those foreign assets are not truly yours. Invest money locally. Sponsor children to school and abroad. Give people opportunities to win. Invest in research and innovation centres. Provide capabilities to spur growth and innovations.
  4. A home remains home. When in a problem, you will go back to your family. This lockdown has proved that you can always find the time. Being too busy to meet people and to have a one on one moments with your family is possible.
  5. We are all equal. No one sleeps on two beds at the same time. No one moves in two cars at once. Now your car is parked! Imagine having five cars parked yet some people are dying of hunger! So, slow down your appetite and think about others
  6. We shall all die! The probability that any loving thing shall die is one, implying that death is a certainty. Coronavirus has become an equalizer. You have nowhere to run. You must walk to the local market to buy supplies! Even if you send your house help, they could be the carriers of the deadly virus into your home. Nowhere to hide.

I could go on and on!

Remember to take the lessons and look at life differently. After all, no condition is permanent.

This shall also come to an end.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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