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Are you living for a cause or by a cause?

No one stays young forever. Every passing minute, you are growing old. Are you living for a cause or are you living by a cause?

The young people today are breaking the hearts of their parents, slowly but consistently. Today, marks one day after burying one of the iconic and talented young musicians, popularly known by his stage name, Mowzey Radio. At just 33 years, Moses N. Ssekibogo had made a powerful brand. He graduated from Makerere University with a degree in Psychology, which gave him a strong foundation to succeed in his passion, music.  He is a true success story. Humble beginnings. Started small. Worked hard. Kept promises. Starting in 2005 as a backup singer for Joseph Mayanja, aka Jose Chameleon, Moses rose from the backstage to the main stage in a record time. As a student of psychology, he knew the human brain and what stirs it up. His music is lyrically powerful. Add to his exceptional vocals and stage presence, he represented a messenger of hope where everything else looked hopeless. Song after song, the message of hope, love and motivation was a common thread.

I did not attend any of his live performances nor cross paths. If I did, probably he would have become one of my clients on private mentorship.   Managing fame and money is as difficult as managing scarcity or poverty. You are too unsettled that you forget who you really are. Regardless of your current station in life, you need to take a deep breath and ask: are you living for a cause or by a cause. If you are living by a cause, it means you are here by accident. And any wind is a good wind. Meaning that you will follow it.


No one stays young forever. Every passing minute, you are growing old. Are you living for a cause or are you living by a cause?


My first session with a new mentee is always about personal discovery. I want the person to calm and get back to the basics. Who are you? I usually, give the mentee blank pages and a pen with three questions: “describe, chronologically, your life growing up?”, “if there is only one thing you want to be remembered for, what would it be and why?” and “when you succeeded and experienced a turning point, what did you do right, and which people were in your life cheering you up?”. When answered properly and with guidance, these questions help reveal who you really are and your values. These are the things you need to focus your life and live with a purpose or for a cause.

The more you succeed or grow old, the more responsibilities you get. So many people are looking up to you for your next signal. Others are enemies waiting for your next mistake to strike.

Nurturing and or parenting is a big challenge today. Every parent wants their children to become somebody. They want to expose them. Take them to the best schools. Pamper them with latest gadgets and entertainment in the hope it increases their self-confidence. Unfortunately, in doing so, the critical values of work hard, pray and stay safe are sacrificed. The result are children that put money above any advice and good counsel. Now the elders are people with money regardless of age or source of income.

As you go back to school remember mistakes leading to death cannot be undone. Stay safe. Above all ask: are you living for a cause or by a cause. And join me in a minute of silence for the fallen young man and entertainer, Moses Ssekibogo. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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