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Are you are leader or top executive? To make impact, you need to master two critical skills – public speaking and awareness – general knowledge.

While giving a keynote address to board of directors, my first words were:

“Why is it that many community based organizations are struggling to survive?”

The first time I asked the question, everyone one in the audience was quiet. Now I remembered the principle of “conformity.” People are worried of being the odd man out.

Members had their name tags on; I put one of the audience members in my gaze, and said “Peter, in your opinion, what is the number one cause of reduced financing to CBOs today?” Feel free to ask a colleague, but why are many CBOs and NGOs struggling to survive.

Peter, cleared his throat and said: “the global economy is doing badly.” Another colleague added, “Generally, the cost of living is going north. The global politics is not playing well… lots of wars, stock market crushes, and generally previous donors have own set of internal problems to fix…”

All of a sudden, many folks were willing to give me answers.

And as they say, my start was powerful. As a speaker, you need to engage the audience.

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