Mind your attitude, part 1

How do you react to new developments at the workplace, home, or how others relate with you? How do you think about new challenges

How do you react to new developments at the workplace, home, or how others relate with you? How do you think about new challenges or proposals? Is your attitude good or bad?

If you want to win, train your brain and heart to see the positive side of things and be genuinely unbothered about folks who try to put you down or put you in situations that undermine your projects or successes. That kind of attitude is always rewarded, and you will scale heights and grow.

My first job challenge

When I completed ACCA level three, I had passed so well that I started teaching other students how to pass ACCA papers. I was a celebrity of sorts at the time and became popular. That is how I was offered a job opportunity at the then Nile Bank. I was excited. However, when I joined Nile Bank, on my first day of reporting, I was taken to the basement which I found poorly lit and ventilated. Here I was, just one ACCA level to completion, in the poorly lit basement room! To make matters worse, I was asked to join the team that was scanning customers know your customer (KYC) forms from manual to digital as the bank was implementing the Microbanker application and needed to leverage on digital.  It was exciting to be part of the action. But the task seemed not good enough for an ACCA finalist I was.

But I did not go there.

I looked at it as a challenge and decided to invest my time in the project. The “Scanning Manager” introduced me to the team and moved me around the storage area to give me an idea of the project scope. It was scarily. We were to scan so many forms that had been accumulated since the bank had been in operation. The bank’s operations manager, our Boss, at the time, had projected the project complete in another 2-3 years. The project had already taken two years by the time I joined. It was like I would be in the basement for the next three years. Very bad prospect.

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My right attitude

How did I react: by accepting the challenge? I told myself that let me complete this work within one year so that I may get promoted and leave this place. other people would have resigned and displayed their papers. At the time, ACCA was the thing. Of course, even today. But being an ACCA then was cool since few people had it and the exam was not easy due to limited access to reading materials and great trainers.

Continued in part 2.

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