#Mindspark 3: Read new books to transform your life

In Mindspark 2, you categorized your opportunities and challenges. You formulated the most pressing strategic issue.

Two people shared their strategic challenges.

“Lack of money due to lack of a well-paying job.”

“Miserable life because of a bad choice of a marriage partner.”

I want to recommend you to read the book, “Playing ToWin.” Get a copy of the book here, and buy Amazon Kindle for a great experience. Or read an article summary of thebook here. I recommend you make this your #1 must-read book in 2020.

My approach to strategy is informed by ten books, including Playing To Win, Blue Ocean Strategy, The Balanced Scorecard – Translating Strategy Into Action, The Art of War, The Innovators Dilemma and Good Strategy/ Bad Strategy.

I recommend you start with the Playing To Win book. I have a powerpoint summary of the book and my personal notes. Comment at the end of this article or on my Facebook page and I send to you a copy.

I see you tomorrow after you have completed the first chapter. You will be able to make strategic choices to solve your personal or business challenges to tap into your identified opportunities

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