#Mindspark 5 Don’t hesitate to move forward. My brief story

Decide and take action. I regret more the decisions I did not take than the failures I experienced.

When I began a business of publishing a magazine, summit business review, it grew to a level some top advertisers started calling us for adverts, until we messed in our editorial and got visited by Government security!

I wrote about this on my website here. Search for “Into the gentle darkness,” on my website.

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That was a fantastic lesson.

Stop mission drift. When I conceived the idea of a business magazine, it was to be recognized as leaders in providing informed insights that empower readers to stay a step ahead in business and life. Then, we expanded, introduced new shareholders and editorial team. I was asked to be flexible about the editorial policy. “There is no business without discussing about politics. These are two sides of the same coin,” they explained.

And they were right. Politicians dictate the economic policies. Or at least they are final decision makers. How do you talk and discuss business without comments on politics. I gave in.

And so, an article was written. It was titled: “Museveni at 24. Uganda at 48. Where next?” A gifted Ugandan cartoonist based in the USA, draw a fantastic cartoon that graced the cover of our magazine. And as they say, the rest is history. It was way back in 2011. I will never forget.

Things happened so fast that all I remember sitting in a police room, making a statement. I learnt my lessons.

As of today, we discontinued the magazine, summit business review. But I still miss the experience of hitting deadlines. Waiting for the off ad to arrive at a last minute. Avoiding spelling errors in the final version. And chairing editorial meetings.

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What are you doing this year to gain new skills and experiences?

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