#Mindspark 9: What is your ambition?

When I was in primary, my ambition was to obtain admission to TECO, a German established technical school in Munteme aimed at transforming the

When I was in primary, my ambition was to obtain admission to TECO, a German established technical school in Munteme aimed at transforming the village through practical technical skills training in carpentry, Masonry, mechanics and entrepreneurship. This was a model college all of us young boys in the looked up to for career success.

The German model was excellent. Give young boys practical training. When they complete, give them a respective toolkit to facilitate immediate application of their acquired skills instantly. Because the skills were in demand, most of the time the cost of the toolkit would be repaid within the first six months of graduation. Indeed, TECO alumni in Munteme owned the best houses, shops, and were the village leaders and role models.

By age nine, young boys would have visited TECO to appreciate, known what it took to get an admission at the college in terms of primary leaving examination scores, minimum age and strengths. This was essential to prepare and work with a clear focus.

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Despite having done all this, I failed the TECO admissions test which was essentially practical. But that is a story for another day. I did my best. However, on the second trial, just to be sure I was not inadequate, I tried and passed it. But I was by then in senior three and had no intentions of joining. I just wanted to make a point—that I was capable of admission to TECO otherwise my friends would have kept saying “this guy could not get admission.” But my own voice was the biggest challenge —living with a feeling of inadequacy is not good.

I achieved my ambition. But I had another ambition in mind: pass ordinary level certificate, proceed to the advanced level certificate for admission to Makerere University, the top University in Uganda where grandpa had told me- “a place where all the best-studied!”

Of course, when I made it to Makerere my ambition changed again: To deliver a presentation to a foreign audience especially Europe, Asia, the Middle East or America! To become an international consultant of repute as well as publish ten books. To have my books on Amazon.

My ambition evolves as I grow. What is your ambition?

Ambition is like a vision which is also like a vision. Contrary to popular belief, your vision should be achievable. And once you attain it, you make another one! Your vision should change depending on your understanding and context. Nothing in this world should be rigid.

To win in your playing field, what is your ambition? Is it to be the preferred lecturer of business and finance?

Remember, your ambition must state a statement of niche, competitive dimension, time to achieve it and win against something.

What is your ambition?

Take time and write your ambition statement in the comments below so that I help you refine it.


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