Models of managing family finances part3

How do you make your family strong so that you are agreeing on issues of money and build the marriage on a firm foundation? One of the biggest challenge for newly wedded couples these days is that they are collapsing so easily. But why?

One of the issues is failure to agree on how to manage family finances. But you could adopt this model; each partner managing their own finances. This might sound Greek. Here, you don’t care how your spouse spends their money. They can spend it the way they want.

The basis of marriage is two people come to become one. If you have some critical differences that you don’t want to combine money issues, especially people who have been successful on their own. They are marrying just to be happy. They want to have a companionship for moral and spiritual support other than financial, this model could be ideal. Here, money is not an issue. If couples had a prior relationship, they may not want to combine money. They just need sex and companion. Consider this model.

If you are still young couple, this might not work for you. You still need to build your family together. This is why there is no perfect model. You need to see what works for you. You need to agree on this earlier in marriage life. It makes a lot of sense in your relationship.

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