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When times are tight, you too must get tough. To win, you must put in more effort, time, and imagination. Spend more on building

When times are tight, you too must get tough. To win, you must put in more effort, time, and imagination. Spend more on building relationships with prospects and customers.

As Grant Cardon says, make the 10 X rule your friend. The 10 x rules mean setting your revenue targets ten times higher and putting in more effort 10 times to win. Now is the time to work even harder. Go the extra mile.

Let me ask you a question:

  • > How many of you have met your sales targets this month? What was your target? What did you achieve?
  • > What made you achieve the targets?
  • > If you failed, why do you think you failed to attain your targets?

List the top 30 clients you have ever sold to, whether walk-ins or not, in the past 2 years. You need a document where you list all your clients – product sold, price, name, email, phone, and family home location. Any list can do. But have it. We call it that the circle of influence list. Keep it handy.

If you do not sell, you will beg. You will be hungry.

Remember rent has to be paid. People at home must eat. And you must pay utility bills. If you do not sell, these bills will pile up. And you will soon start begging. By the end of this presentation, I will show you how to make money.

Your employer needs revenue before they pay you. Have self-drive. Push yourself. Stop time-wasting and get down to work. Put more effort into activating the market.

Write your sales goals down. Read them every morning. Have productive habits to win.

Sell more or beg.  SCL #wayoftheguerrilla selling tools helps you to sell amidst tough times.

If you do not sell, you will sleep hungry!  Observe the photo below carefully.

Credit: Internet photo.

What do you see?

Today, the law of the jungle rules. If you do not hunt, you will sleep hungry. The prey (customer) is sophisticated and more difficult, very demanding than ever. Another reason to work even harder.

Who is your target market? What are their needs?


With Coronavirus, many people have shifted their offices at home. You need to be big on virtual sales channels. To engage on social media, WhatsApp, and such options.

Know the customer. The product he or she needs. It is your responsibility to know the product features and benefits. Remember, people do not by features. They buy benefits and outcomes.

Take time to know the customer.

Know the high price myth.

Client relationships, help you sell at any price, which means lots of sales and referrals. People buy value. If someone tells you the price is high, three things:

  1. They do not trust you.
  2. You have not yet shown them the value or benefits of the product/service
  3. They want you to get out of their face – maybe you are not wearing your mask well…

You must know common sales rebuttals and how to overcome them. Be prepared.  Apple sells expensive phones, some at Ugx. 5m each, but people still buy them, and the company is among the top 5 global companies.

People have lots of money. IF you sell to the wrong people, you will hear the excuse of no money. Know your niche. And give them value.  People love spending to be happy. In these times, people are investing in themselves.

Start by describing the person you are selling to? E.g. John is 30 years old, earns Ugx. 10m monthly and works at Stanbic bank. Has a family of three, and married about 5 years ago? He is a man of class. He can easily get a loan to buy your products.

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