Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy is a Transformation Speaker and Trainer

Contents1 Do you want to transform your business?2 Mustapha is a Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer. 2.1 Topic 1: Don’t get ready stay ready. Risk

Do you want to transform your business?

Have Mustapha speak to your Board Members, Top Management Team (TMT) and General Staff for fresh insights to grow. Get your team’s morale through the roof. Clarify individual staff roles in the journey. Stop wasting money in motivational talks when what staff need is being given responsibility and support.


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Mustapha is a Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer. 

Whether you are a conference organizer looking for a powered speaker to get life into the audience and transform your event; or a Company Secretary looking for an Expert to Induct your new Board Members about the Role of the Board in Strategy and Risk Management, Mustapha will not only speak to the heart and mind but entertain and bring energy in the room.

“Mustapha has empowered me to do a proper strategy that is organic. I have also learned how to align risks to corporate objectives. Before attending the training by Mustapha, I had problems with cascading strategy down to subordinates. The training by Mustapha is engaging and interesting. It is very memorable.” – Pius Mwesigwa, Branch Manager, Diamond Trust Bank.

Which of the following popular topics Mustapha is often called to deliver. Which one would you need your team to master and transform?

Topic 1: Don’t get ready stay ready.

Risk Management in Practice based on ISO 31000:2018 for Sustainable Growth.

This talk is ideal for the Board of Directors and Top Management Team. It is a three – hours duration talk. It is a very interactive talk, featuring lots of exercises and teamwork. Even if members are sleepy after a heavy lunch meal, once Mustapha starts the sleep will disappear through the window and get replaced by high-energy and laughter.

By the end of the talk, participants learn about:

  1. The relationship between corporate strategy and risk management. [Mustapha provides clarity of the linkages for effective governance so that leaders avoid surprises while pursuing strategic opportunities]
  2. How risk management is a source of innovation in businesses and why the current practice of managing risks is bad since it is focused on problem-solving.
  3. Why generic risk categorization as “Strategic”, “Operational”, etc. are misleading and what is the best risk universe and categories aligned to strategy
  4. What risk appetite is and the role of the Board, SMT, and Staff in risk management agenda
  5. Why unstructured risk management leads to business failures
  6. Structured risk management processes as per ISO 31000:2018 – the process defined and application in place. – establishing context, risk assessment (risk identification, analysis and evaluation), risk treatment and risk acceptance.
  7. Risk scales – how to define event likelihood and impact – to get a risk score for effective risk management
  8. Credit risk management and risk policy framework in banks (or your organization)
  9. Risk culture and governance
  10. actionTEAM Governance, Risk and Compliance Software that automates risk management demo. Here Mustapha demos a custom software to automate risk for effective risk culture instead of keeping an MS Excel risk register that tends to be outdated.

Note:  Are you a risk manager or HR officer and want to communicate your Enterprise Risk Management Framework to all your staff? Plan for a full day training and improve your enterprise risk awareness. The risk management training can be expanded or reduced depending on the audience and expectations.  To book Mustapha, contact him on Skype: mmugisa or WhatsApp +256782610333.

Given Mustapha’s very busy schedules, please provide 30 days’ notice. For urgent engagements, Mustapha can be available at 2-5 days’ notice, but this comes with an emergency surcharge of +40% on top of the normal fees.

“Mustapha’s sessions are effective learning process. He is rich in content and great presenter with transformational narratives.” Reverend Benjamin K. Okwir Board Member, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau


Topic 2: What is your ambition?

Create an organic strategy using Mustapha’s 4-step Strategic Model and Win the Game.

Target audience: Board Members. Top Management Team. All staff. Ideal for everyone interested in transforming their lives with original ideas to beat the competition.

By the end of the Talk, participants learn:

  1. Why the traditional planning process which starts with Vision (where do we want to be); Mission (how do we get there); Goals and Objectives; Analysis SWOT (SW – Strength and Weaknesses analysis ]using 6Ms of Money, Machinery, Markets, Materials, Makeup and Manpower], OT Opportunity and Threats using Porters 5 – Forces Model and PESTLED etc ); making strategic options, analysis and choice and then waiting after one year to evaluate whether objectives were achieved is one of the worst processes that are responsible for many corporate failures! Mustapha makes a case for the participants to unlearn the process and then introduces the modern one of the Industrial Revolution 4.0!
  2. What strategy is and is not?
  3. The #WinningTheGame Strategic approach – 4 steps model for crafting an organic strategy that is easy to execute – perspective, context, strategy, and change. Mustapha uses useful exercises and analogies to drive the point home. Your team morale and focus will NEVER be the same after attending this session!
  4. Technology strategy and the future of your business
  5. What is your strategic foundation
  6. Your product strategy
  7. The five (5) questions that define a clear strategy
  8. Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy, Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter, Playing To Win and the Balanced Scorecard
  9. Why using a Balanced Scorecard to Craft a Strategy is Wrong and how to fix it. Hint: A balanced scorecard is ideal for performance management BUT not as a strategy formulation tool. Don’t use a tractor to travel a journey of 500 kilometers. Although you will arrive, chances of doing so easily, cheaply and in time are low. That is what happens when companies use the BSC tool originally meant for 360 degrees of performance monitoring to craft a strategy!
  10. Change management
  11. Aligning corporate structure to strategy
  12. Effective strategy cascading for ultimate execution excellence
  13. Aligning capabilities and systems to strategic focus areas and scorecard.
  14. Strategy automation
  15. On-going strategy execution and monitoring – the effective secrets to leading for results.

 Note: as you can see, the output of the above talk is the following

  • Strategy (on one page)
  • Scorecard (to measure strategy)
  • Structure (to implement strategy)
  • Financing plan
  • Revenue strategy – target segments, products per segment; and channels to use as the geographical scope
  • Budget
  • Workplans (as part of change management, Mustapha works with Directors and Managers to help them guide their respective subordinates document their own work plans.)
  • And more tools and templates.

For the board training, the session lasts 2 hours. For Executive Management, the session is 4 hours, as it is interactive and full of discussion as the team must be challenged to understand their business and strategic choices.

When Mustapha is asked to facilitate the Strategic Planning Process – he makes a presentation for 3 hours and then facilitates the process which usually lasts 5 days of intensive discussion with a specifically selected strategy champions team across the organization regardless of rank but an understanding of processes and the future of the business.

5 minutes Read: Your company needs a strategic plan

Have unique needs, contact Mustapha for free discussion via Skype: mmugisa using the subject “#Mr. Strategy Discussion”.

Mustapha is very informative and practical. His talk helped me understand very well strategy sustainability and risk management principles”, Patrick Opio Otim, Head of Human Resources, Diamond Trust Bank. 


 Topic 3:  For more topics, download Mustapha’s OnePageCv for event planners and HR officers looking for speakers.

Mustapha delivers both technical and process talks in areas of cybersecurity, fraud risk management, and strategy.

An Accountant by profession, Mustapha became a full Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in 2005; having completed the professional accountancy course in June 2002 and emerging as one of the top 3 finalists in Uganda. Mustapha then obtained a BSc (in Applied Accounting) of Oxford Brookes University. Thereafter, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Risk Management of Makerere University.

Mustapha is knowledgeable and has hands-on examples. The sessions are very good and interactive. Before attending Mustapha’s training, I had challenges of strategic thinking and aligning of business objectives to strategic objectives”, Kakeeto John Robert, Manager Risk Management.

Mustapha was spotted by a Bank Executive who noted his high aptitude with numbers for a job opportunity. Mustapha grabbed the opportunity. He started as an Intern in the bank’s operations department and was part of the team at the center of the bank’s automation project in 2001; where he was tasked with converting manual customer account forms into digital format for improved banking services. That is he noted a very slow process due to default scanner settings. Mustapha took it upon himself to look for the Scanner user manual. He found one and discovered how to remove default settings. The action helped fast track the scanning project from earlier four (4) years to just six months! This earned him an Employee of The Month badge and promotion to Finance, and then to Audit. While in Audit, Mustapha attained Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification in 2005.

Mustapha is engaging. Proactive. Informative. Before attending Mustapha’s training, I had problems with appreciating the role of managers in the business. Now I am very confident about strategy and I am empowered to lead well”, Eric Kayaye, Manager, Internal Audit, DTB.

Mustapha got so fascinated with technology. He studied and attained practical cybersecurity certifications specifically Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI); making him one of the top experts in cybersecurity in Uganda. As a practitioner, Mustapha has been involved in many forensic investigations in banks and telecoms in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda, and recently supporting global cybercrime cases as a local contact with fellow experts from Asia (Bangkok and Hong Kong), Europe (German) and US as a cybercrime investigator under the auspices of International Cyber Crime Investigators network, an exclusive team of expert cybercrime investigators for clients who require instant results.

“Mustapha is very insightful,” Joanita Aliganyira-Kiganda, Manager Internal Audit, DTB

After a long career in fraud investigations and being in the witness stand, Mustapha now focuses on prevention. Instead of answering the question “who removed money from the table.” Mustapha’s focus in his keynote speeches and corporate training is “How to bring money on the table and make it keep increasing.” He understands the biggest driver of crime in developing countries is mostly poverty and lack of ethics.  In countries where systems are never respected from the top down, the best strategy is to empower staff to manage personal finance better as well as invest; in addition to ethics and integrity.

Mustapha sits on over six (6) Boards and is a Director at Summit Consulting Ltd ( and Institute of Forensics and ICT Security (, a National Council of Higher Education Accredited Institution.

Before you go. Here is your opportunity to transform and become a better person than you are today using the power of small improvements. Are you ready?

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