Nothing happens to you; it happens because of you part 3

The third D is DELIVER and think as the owner of the business. The owner of the business is concerned about the big picture.

The third D is DELIVER and think as the owner of the business.

The owner of the business is concerned about the big picture.

  1. How to create and sustain value.
  2. How to attract and retain top talent.
  3. How to finance growth.
  4. How to find future leaders to continue the legacy.
  5. How to scale?
  6. How to anticipate challenges and manage them, etc

The owner is always on the lookout for outliers. People who take responsibility as explained in the second D by going the extra mile. Those are the folks passionate about the company and what they do. The owner of the business thinks like a food ball coach – they want to score as many goals as possible and defend them. Any player (staff) with such mindset is considered critical.

No one can hide an elephant. If someone does great work, always taking initiative and doing all they can to improve the image of the company, everyone will notice. Remember, no staff ever promotes themselves. Whether it is going for PhD study or moving on, you need the support of your current employer to fully tap into your opportunities. I get over 60% of my new business through referrals. Imagine if I don’t think like my clients when delivering, I cannot have passion.

Who champions company strategy?

When you find the lights are on and there is no one in the room, do you switch them off to save utility bills, or you just look on and go because that does not matter. Do you tell others to remember to switch off the lights if they are the last in the office? Do you allow everyone to boil their cup of tea or you boil it at once and put it in the flask to save the bills?

The company is like a baby. If you do not take care of it, it will not be able to grow and take care of you.

One time during a staff meeting at our Institute of Forensics & ICT Security, I asked what do you think is the #1 challenge affecting staff performance? 90% of the staff present, said “Poor pay.” “The money for lunch was reduced from Ugx. 10,000 to Ugx. 5,000”, “No room for career growth.” “Job insecurity.” Etc… such challenges.

I asked, “how does the Institute make money?” to which they answered selling professional courses.

Ok, during the last month, how much money did you bring in? One of them said, “my role is not marketing. My role is administration!” 

I felt small why I still had such a person on my team.

Remember, nothing happens to you. It happens because of you.

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