Opportunities knock several times

The general belief in Uganda is that opportunities knock several times, and therefore no need to worry or hurry. You can always find and grab the opportunity!

This belief manifests daily. You see young people screwing up chances and taking life so lightly oblivious of the many other people looking at their opportunities.

I work with many chief executives of big and small businesses. The common complaint is the generally poor quality of staff in terms of work ethics and lousy attitude, leading to low productivity.

Once someone gets a job, they relax and expect free lunch. You will see staff reporting to work very late and leaving early. Some feel so much entitled to things like free lunch, tea eats, and of course, sugar. One small business founder once told me about a staff who just entered his office to complain that “staff are not working because there has not been sugar in the pantry for two days.” The man said he was surprised that University graduates would reason like that.

No business can succeed without a team of excellent professionals with an attitude of success and possibilities—people who look at the bigger picture and think like the business founders or the chief executive.

If you get an opportunity in any company, do your best. Be ethical, and take your job seriously. If you want to win elsewhere, first succeed in your current position.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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