Optimize your networks. Earn on every referral

Are you making the best of your networks? Do you have a circle of friends in leadership positions who need professional advisory services?  Solve

Are you making the best of your networks? Do you have a circle of friends in leadership positions who need professional advisory services?  Solve their leadership challenges as you earn.

Refer our advisory services to your friends to become exceptional leaders at their workplaces while you grow your resource envelope. That is how you monetize your friendships and networks. Take the opportunity and become SCL’s strategic partner and make the best of your years and years of building networks and connections. Earn even while you sleep.  Join today as our Strategic Business Partner. Work from anywhere at your own pace. To discuss the partnership referral fees, contact strategy@summitcl.com

To avoid conflict of interest, we pay only if the client you refer to us is outside your primary or current employer. We can sign an agreement or not. It is up to you.

Why Summit Consulting Ltd

When it comes to strategy (Tools 1 and 2), risk (Tools 2,3 and 4), and training consulting. We are simply the best. We transform the client’s condition. Whether you need winning ideas on how to put money on the table (strategy), resource mobilization and revenue growth ideas, or to know what/who/how money was removed from the table (risk management), we have the solutions. We do this while empowering your team through knowledge transfer (training) to win amid the challenging times of VUCA!

Below are the summary of our services. For a meeting, email strategy@summitcl.com.

Table 1: SCL services pack to transform your career

Service Tools Description of our services in the tool Why partner with Summit Consulting 
Tool 1: 

Strategy Execution for shareholder value growth

1.1         Strategy retreat facilitation for clarity of vision, focus and team cohesion

1.2         Training of the Board and SMT on “The Role of The Board in Strategy and Execution for Shareholder Value Growth”.

1.3         Organisational review to identify bottlenecks and untapped potential for transformation amidst a crisis

1.4         Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to inform new strategic choices

1.5         Facilitating Strategy Review and Formulation Exercise

1.6         Aligning structure to strategy and scorecard for effective execution

1.7         Culture audit to promote team cohesion for increased productivity

1.8         Executive training in preparing effective Board packs for board effectiveness.

1.9         Strategy execution support and strategy automation using actionTEAM GRC.

1.10      Grow the top line: revenue strategy formulation and execution support.

1.11      Team cohesion and leading virtual teams training.



We have trusted advisors to some of the top taxpayers, not only in Uganda but in the region.


We have testimonials to demonstrate our expertise in our advisory areas of focus.


Visit https://www.summitcl.com/testimonials/

Tool 2:

Board Effectiveness for good governance

2.1 Board induction and orientation training. Empower your board to help you win, through timely discussions – we train the board in key topics:

a)    Role of the Board in Risk Management and Value Creation

b)    Role of the board in Cybersecurity management agenda

c)     The 7 Tools of an Effective Board member (based on the board book, authored by Mr Strategy “How To Get on The Board and be an Effective Director.”


2.2 Board evaluation for effectiveness


2.3 Using Technology to Transform the Business: The role of the Board

2.4 Finance for Non-Finance Board members: How to make sense of financial reports.

2.5 Managing stakeholders and strategic partnerships: the role of the board

The board of the future proactively champions change, supports the MD/ CEO with strategic thinking and innovative ideas to grow the organization through leveraging technology.


We help the executive create a healthy working relationship with the Board for effective governance and enterprise success.

Tool 3:

summitBI and Data Analytics


3.1 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence training (includes advanced excel and python data analytics). Bank stress testing scenarios to comply with new requirements

3.2 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence as a service – save money and get the most of your data

3.3 Automate your management reporting with dynamic dashboards and reports – from your Tally, Quick books, Core banking or any system you currently use

3.4 Automate your Bank of Uganda AML compliance reporting

3.5 Automate your Bank of Uganda IFRS 9 reports

3.6 Certified Business Intelligence Data Analyst Course

3.7 Build Internal Capacity for Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Leverage data-driven decision-making, optimize business processes, increase your company’s operational efficiency, and drive the top-line while cutting costs.


Reduce your IFRS compliance costs by over 70%! That will save you costs and improve your reported bottom line.


Tool 4:

summitRISK – Risk Management and Compliance

4.1 Enterprise risk Management (ERM) Maturity Assessment – know where you are against peers and leading practices, and the gaps to close to win

4.2 Risk management framework review against ISO 31000:2018, and relevant local laws.

4.3 ERM implementation support for effective risk culture and value protection

4.4 Risk management training enterprise-wide – know all the basics of ERM for effective risk culture, reporting and management.

4.5 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Implementation and Training

4.6 Compliance training to SMT and the Board for effective oversight

Risk management is critical for effective oversight. Our summitRISK toolkit will help you anticipate and prepare for uncertainties.


We conduct risk management maturity reviews to assess current gaps and offer client-responsive solutions.

Tool 5:

summitASSURE to protect enterprise value and grow

No revenue leakage. No loss of intellectual property. No sleepless nights.

5.1  Black Box and White Box Security Assessments

5.2  IT Governance and Security Audits

5.3  Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to provide top management with real-time monitoring to reduce fraud risks

5.4  Post-ICT System Implementation or Change Reviews

5.5  Revenue assurance audits

5.6  Mobile Banking and Internet Banking Security Reviews and Assurance

5.7  Digital forensics to determine who did what, where, when, how and why following a fraud incident, involving digital or otherwise

5.8  Fraud risk assessments

5.9  Threat intelligence and monitoring as a service

5.10       Background check on key staff

Due diligence and fact-finding investigations

Sleep well at night with confidence that no cybercriminal is stealing from you and if they do, know who did it.

We will give you 360-degree cybersecurity management and forensic investigations services.


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