Perfect imperfections: why are you lovable

Many people spend their lives trying to be something they are not. As such, they spend a lot of money and time on things they do not need at the expense of the things they desperately need. Instead of improving on what they already have to make it even better, they focus on trying to be something different.

You have seen people with black melanin skin, bleaching, and trying to look different. Rule number one: do not try to be someone else.

After all, growth rarely comes from perfectionism. It comes from imperfections. Americans did not go to the moon overnight. The achievement came after so many series of trials and imperfections. We only remember the story of the moon landing because that was a successful event. However, behind that milestone by humanity, there were so many attempts that ended badly, but they were not told because that is how it is: 👉telling such stories of failure would have scared many others to try.

Innovation hates perfection.

Many times, people love your imperfections. Because no meaningful success comes from perfectionism.

What are your perfect imperfections? What makes you successful that you do not know?

Remember, the advanced computers you use or that television in your living room, started as a black and white box. It was continuously improved. And it is still imperfect.

People are working hard to make it perfect.

I hope they will succeed.

What are your perfect imperfections? Discover them, and win.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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