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Today is a great Sunday at Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church. It is our Parish day. And being the closest Sunday to the 15th August, we are also celebrating the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, our patron saint. I wish to thank you all for having room in your lives for our Lord Jesus Christ and for supporting our Church.

As Christians, we are one big family. How do we create forums to collaborate, work together and support one another? How do we not look the other way after Church, but be open to allow interactions with fellow parishioners to deepen our networks and leverage from them for our own and the Church’s success? It is so ironic that most Christians after mass rush quickly into their cars, and off they drive oblivious of how easy it is for some of them to fix hope threatening worries and challenges of a fellow parishioner.

About four Sundays ago, a Parishioner approached me for help review their curriculum vitae for a job application. It was very easy to align the person’s qualifications, skills and experiences to the specifications of the job. And it was not surprising that he was shortlisted straight away. Most people use the same CV to apply for several jobs which is a very bad practice. I call upon all of you to embrace diversity. And invite people into your lives. Regardless of your current station in life, you can impact the community in several ways and along the way, your little light of yours will be revealed and someone will provide opportunities to let it shine brighter. That may be the breakthrough you need. And for a few people among our community who are the pace setters, you need some company. It is always lonely at the top. I invite you to join our Parish Priest and the Church leadership to complete the Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Parishioner form. We need to know who you are, your family, vocation, the support you expect from your Church (Mbuya) and the support you can give, but have not got the opportunity to do so.


Don’t live worried about the biggest car, or house or job. Focus on constant improvement, not stagnation. What is bigger today, becomes small tomorrow. So, why the bother?


I want to share with you three insights to guide your coming week. I learnt most of them from my grandfather, Mzee Atanansi Komunjara, the man responsible for my Bernabas name and taught me the Catholic dogma, including my expeditions as an altar boy at Munteme Parish.

You don’t need to have the best office, just a good one. There is always someone with a big, better and excellent office or car or job or farm. Life is not a competition. It is a journey. Don’t live worried about the biggest car, or house or job. Focus on constant improvement, not stagnation. What is bigger today, becomes small tomorrow. So, why the bother?

When you are 55% ready, start. Never wait to be 100% ready. You only need 51% to win an election. Most women give birth before complete nine months of labour. Few newspapers have no typos and mistakes. So, why aim for perfection? Stop procrastinating and start acting. Go face your boss and ask for salary increment supported with evidence of your value to the organisation or fix that inconveniencing kettle.

Allow your presence to speak for you. Avoid speaking for yourself. You don’t have to shout in order to be heard. Do something for your Parish. Sponsor the choir. Contribute monthly to cleaning the Church. Sponsor the printing of the 10 commandments project. Mobilize parishioners to register. Find a day in the week and visit to speak with the Parish Priest. Be available to do something for your community.

I wish you happy celebrations and a great week ahead.

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