Powerful language

How do you use powerful examples and analogies to drive your point home in your communication? Yesterday, I was looking for someone to help with small fixes in my car. I drive a Subaru sport. When I called this mechanic, said I have been referred to you as a very good Subaru mechanic. He replied, “If you need somebody who understands Subarus like a fish in water, I am the guy. I will come, check your Subaru and ensure everything is fine by the time I leave. You will enjoy your Subaru as it is new.”

It was so clear that I was able to know that this is the right person when it comes to repairing Subaru cars. He said he is as good working with Subarus like a fish in water. It is very difficult to catch fish in water because that is its area. It is great at swimming in water.


Once you master the art of powerful speaking, you become very exceptional.


He used a very good illustration or analogy to drive his point home. Am requesting you to write down of the key things you do, how do you give a powerful message when you meet people whom you want to sale to or influence? For example, in leadership how do you create a message to your target market that you are the best person in terms of leadership training? Once you master the art of powerful speaking, you become very exceptional.

Write four top services or skills you have. For each skill, find an appropriate analogy or example to illustrate how great you are in offering it.

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