Rain in the desert

A major experience is bringing results to the desert. Rain. Lots of rain.

The gulf countries have done what is called cloud seeding —where they use airplanes to seed the clouds. Which in turn bring rain fall. Talk of making the impossible possible. Optimizing technology and creating a fantastic experience for everyone.

But this has brought a small challenge to big cities like Dubai, which has been a front runner in cloud seeding—flooding of city roads, parking spaces and general in the low lands.

The planners of Dubai city never envisioned rain and rhe resultant water. Which meant that the city’s drainage system was never laid.

Now the city is in the race against time. Dubai is being excavated to provide for drainage. I am sure this project may take 2-3 years to complete but will be a game changer.

Rain in the desert is a great thing indeed. Now cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, etc are loving really fast. Natural water will save lots of money to the municipal city.

Dubai is a futurist City. A city of innovation, big thinking and a life style destination. Something like rain is a blessing. And draining will soon be fixed.


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