Revisit your business model from software to ecosystem

“… I am tired of this institution. I am moving on. I do not care how many years I have been here. They are

“… I am tired of this institution. I am moving on. I do not care how many years I have been here. They are no different from money lenders. I want a financial institution that will be a business partner and make my life easier… grow my wealth”.

The banking industry is under pressure: Today’s customers want more! Every bank must re-invent and offer more bespoke value-adding solutions.  As a financial institution leader, you have a choice — let your customers switch to a competitor OR transform your offerings by giving customized value-adding services that customers adore using an ecosystem business model that anticipates and responds to their needs.

During these times of lockdowns, low business, less liquidity, increasing costs, etc customers must be seen as business partners as than mere clients. Everyone wants a strategic business partner who offers opportunities for growth for sustainable win-win engagements.

In today’s Coronavirus pandemic times, the challenge for many small and medium-sized businesses is poor risk management and weak governance processes. Now is time to throw away the old business models of software setup. You must transition to an ecosystem business model which entails gaining more visibility and involvement in your customers business so that they win from doing business with you.

The increasing virtual working means that small businesses must invest more in remote working technologies and solutions to facilitate

We hereby seek a partnership to create anchor customer relationships to increase retention and referral business. Working as your technology partners, we shall implement automation of the core governance processes – risk management and strategy execution — at some of your key corporate customers who are technology savvy. actionTEAMGRC automates strategy execution and performance monitoring processes for visibility into what is being delivered in real-time. The tool helps monitor progress against the set scorecard targets. actionTEAMGRC will also automate risk management processes for consistent risk management.

For a demo of actionTEAMGRC, call +256782610333 or email Visit for resources on all aspects of strategy and risk management. Under the partnership, we would provide premium management services to customers to transform their businesses and improve the performance of their businesses during these Pandemic times.

We look forward to your partnership.

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