Sell benefits; not features

Contents1 People don’t buy your product or service features per see. They are interested in the benefits they get when they use your products

People don’t buy your product or service features per see. They are interested in the benefits they get when they use your products and services. Your website, brochures and presentations should error on showing the benefits of your products or services.” Mustapha B Mugisa, 2015

Following on last week’s Guerrilla insights, in this issue we explore guerrilla sales insights #2, how to package your services to your prospects.

Here is the #1 sales rule of all:

Never sell products – sell benefits.

Never sell services, sell benefits.

Never sell features, sell benefits.

Never sell insurance, sell what? … benefits.

Always focus on selling benefits. No one is interested in your product features. No one is interested in buying insurance. People are interested in the peace of mind they get when they buy an insurance policy with you.

A case in point:

In 2010, when I wanted to buy comprehensive insurance for my car, I made several calls to four insurance companies, two replied. While on phone, they all asked for my name and email address. Hours later, the first sent me an email of the comprehensive insurance wth a .ppt (power point presentation) attached. It was generic presentation of comprehensive insurance and other products they offer. The second called me for an appointment and visit my office and have a chat as to why I needed insurance. I told him to email me the proposal, he said it was not good idea – “if we meet, I will show you how to manage your risks well and save big time on the premiums.” he had me.  We agreed to meet the following day, at 12pm.

When he arrived, he asked me: so, what exactly do you do here? [Hint: he did not start with any anything about what he had come for –comprehensive insurance. He started by focusing on me]. I can be a busy folk, but with that question, I had to leave whatever I was doing, I had to explain to him. He listened attentively and carefully.

Then he added: if I was to refer to you customers, which ones would you be interested in? again, I explained to him with enthusiasm. He got me talking and helped connect to one another.

After about ten minutes of my talking, he chipped in. I think let’s talk about comprehensive insurance.

Risk advisor: Tell me about your car? What is its model and how much did it cost?

Me: “It is an Audio, 2005 model; worth Ugx. 50m.”

Risk advisor:  They tell me Audi’s are special cars. What makes it that special?

Me: It is comfortable and stable on the road. To get to 80km/h takes a second. It is great German technology.

Risk advisor: for this kind of car, comprehensive insurance is the best. You will have peace of mind. I will give you a premium contact line. In case of any problem on the road, just call me. Everything will be covered – be it theft of a light, accident, theft – it is being covered to give you Better. Simple. Life. I giving you the lowest rate; in fact since I see you have potential to refer me to your friends, I will charge you just 1.5% of the value – you will pay just Ugx. 750,000 to protect your car worth Ugx. 50m. It is the insurance regulator’s lowest rate I can offer. I would have said 2.5%, but I want to work with you. Others spend over Ugx. 2m in installing a car alarm and end up never recovering their car! If your car has a car alarm already, for another policy you write with us, I will give you discount.

Me: where do I sign…

Field work

List your top 2 products – the 20% of your products which bring in 80% of your revenue.
For each product, list the features and against each feature, list the benefits.
Review all your brochures to see whether 80% of the brochure is covered with product benefits and testimonials from satisfied customers
Ensure on your website, each product has features specified.
Every day, rehearse each product benefit.
Send to me at mugisa/at/mustaphamugisa/dot/com to help review for you. Whoever sends, I will send you a revised product benefits list.

Get out and sell!

In the next issues: guerrilla follow ups; and then – fusion marketing in practice. You cannot afford to miss any.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, MBA. 2015 All rights reserved. You are free to share with appropriate attribution. Include source:  link whenever you print or share this.


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