Six ideas to help you win during this #covid19 times

When everyone is fighting to survive, they fight till they drop. No one wants to confront a man who is fighting to save his

When everyone is fighting to survive, they fight till they drop. No one wants to confront a man who is fighting to save his dignity. The battle of life and death is a tough one. After a 60 days lockdown period, our lives have been disrupted and changed. People are rushing to the workplace to eke a living. People are looking for what to eat. This is the ultimate fight. To make money, you must be a good fighter.

Here are six ideas to help you win:

Get along with others

You need friends. Networks. And strong partnerships. Now is the time to develop winning collaborations. Create partnerships with suppliers. Other consultants, and experts. Form partnerships with other law firms if you are a lawyer. Find opportunities to work with others. Try. No one has said it will be easy. The secret is persistence. Search, make contact, and pitch. Continue doing until lack wakes up and opens the door.

Follow the rules

You cannot sustain winning by cheating or breaking the rules. Identify the rules, learn them, and play to win within the set rules. Look at your life as a football player. Both teams must play by the rules. If you try to break them by foul play, you risk getting a red card which could be deadly to the team.

Be focused and observe the laws, regulations, policies, and procedures and win. The pandemic has affected everyone. Focus on the emerging opportunities which you can tap into.

The world is not for easy people. You must grow up faster and find your place.

Hard work equals luck

Before you work smart, you must first put in the hours and time. Work hard pays. Work hard gives you the preparation you need to tap into emerging opportunities. Before you start working smart, invest your time, energy, and imagination to win.

If you want to get lucky, start waking up early and do your best on the right things.

Do not get ready, stay ready

Prepare. Read books. Put in place systems to be ready for any opportunities. Do not get ready. Stay ready.

  • Be passionate in whatever you do

Deliver outstanding results so that people know you for excellence. Do not settle for less. Focus on winning. Find something special you does that other colleagues depend on you. Ask yourself daily, if I had not reported for work today, what value would the company miss? What is it that you do make you special?

The role of the CEO is to attract and retain the best while letting the mediocre go. If you are outstanding, the company cannot let you do it.

  • Be memorable

Be creative. Be different. Be memorable. Let people look at your work and remember you.

Have a unique brand that sets you apart from the rest.

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