#Mindspark 4: Stay a step ahead in life and business

How do you fair in the following areas that set a foundation for a happy life?

1. Family and social circle of trusted friends – your choice of a partner/s – whether for marriage or mere friendship. — Are you married? What is your relationship with your parents? When did you last meet them face to face (if still alive) or talk on the phone? When did you last go on a planned trip with your trusted friends as a family or friends? Remember face to face interactions are more valuable than social media.

2. Money – how to make it in a sustainable way (this is tough for all of us. Keep trying until you make it. It’s not easy, but possible!) – depends on context, environment, personality and family background, and opportunities and your readiness to tap into them. –How do you make money? Corporate, entrepreneur or work with entrepreneurs with the freedom to take founder risks like being paid only when you make money in the department you work?

Let me expound more on this.

I was surprised to find the Barber at the Saloon I frequent on 26th Dec 2019. “You did not take a break today, I asked?” No. If I take a break, how will I feed the children? I have three and they are happy when they have eaten something! he replied.

“But you are employed here. You have a monthly salary”, I said. His response surprised me.

“This is my station. I have to pay for Ugx. 150,000 (the US $41) weekly to the owner of the saloon. If I fail consecutively for four weeks, I lose my job. I am free to be on holiday even for a year, as long as my station (chair, mirror and haircut machine) earns the US $41 weekly. This the best season for me to earn!” A person like that, though employed, is an entrepreneur – shares the risks of profit or loss. Every young person needs this kind of exposure.

3. Fitness, fluency or exposure and fun — are you physically fit. Healthy and well-read and exposed? A fool with money is not a good thing. You need to know how people with money spend it. I will share insights to improve a step at a time. It is a new year. Open up your mind and let’s be happy.

You are free to post any questions on this page or inbox. I will answer the critical ones as much as possible.

PS. Do not forget to invite your friends.

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