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Success in your marriage insights from President Museveni

How would you feel if the President of your country appeared at a wedding you are attending? It is both good and bad. The good side is that everything is upgraded to high alert and great class. The downside is that security is over tightened that you get self-restraint to move freely.

That is what happened at the wedding of Kenneth Baija, a statehouse employee, a friend,and brother to Robson Aine, one of my colleagues at Summit Consulting. At about 10:20pm, on Saturday 21st June 2014, at UMA main hall, the President arrived.

The President’s presence is always a tense moment. You can even hear a pin dropping.

It seems for security reasons; the President’s attendance at the wedding was never talked about until about twenty minutes to his arrival. “We have a special guest after dinner. Once he arrives, please turn off your phones and don’t take photos using your phones. Please also feel free to go ease yourself so that you are comfortable when the special guest arrives.”

The presence of the President is always a blessing. You have to be careful to avoid unnecessary movements or gesturing as such could be misinterpreted by his security detail, and could land you into problems. So, being calm and at ease is the best bet.

There is no room for any error (security wise) in the vicinity of the president. The good news is everyone knows this. We shared a table with a man who had taken wine a bottle too many. He was always up and down. However, this man just sobered up upon the arrival of the President.

I sat just along the walkway.

The President walked very close past us heading to the high table. It was very good being in the company of the President.

The President’s counsel to the newlyweds was spot on. He said “wives should not put their husbands on pressure for luxuries as such tend to make them desperate. Marriage requires patience. Don’t demand for a big house or car suddenly. It takes time and hard work.”

The President also acknowledged the mother of the Groom as a hard worker who managed to raise her children as a single mom.

It was a great Saturday night out.

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