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Contents1 Assess2 Change3 Transform At Summit Consulting Ltd, we improve the client’s condition. Our promise is anchored on the fact that no one is

At Summit Consulting Ltd, we improve the client’s condition.

Our promise is anchored on the fact that no one is too good to be great. To improve the client, our consulting model is three-phased – ACT – assess, change and transform.


You cannot improve that you do not understand. Our focus is to undertake current state assessment of the enterprise from strategy, processes, technology, people to customers to understand the current performance.

Then we are able to examine where the business should be given the market potential, opportunities, and resources in place. The outcome of this phase is usually an inception report detailing the current business model and focus areas, with comparative analysis against the competition. We also provide clarity about where the business should be. We clearly indicate the gap that must be closed and why showing the potential results if the gap is closed and the potential threats if nothing is done. This creates a sense of urgency for the need for change.


This is the toughest phase. We start by interacting with key stakeholders to understand their expectations. We then summarise such expectations into an enterprise scorecard – summarized set of targets that must be attained to grow. In those targets, we define customer growth aspirations.

We proceed to define the strategy – choices to make to win, and the business model to adopt, clearly articulating our ambition, where to play, how to win, the capabilities needed and the system we must put in place. Such way of configuring the business is critical for growth.

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We then create a communications plan for the strategy. Throughout the assignment, we work with the client teams composed of champions drawn strategically across the business units.


To transform is to cross form. You move from one form to another. For example, transgender means to change gender from one type, male to another female. Translate changes language from one to another –  translate English to German.

Our focus here is to change mindsets by creating a culture of execution. We work with managers and teams to communicate targets and align required outcomes with rewards and benefits.

Obviously, our approaches keep changing and you can only experience one Summit touch. That is why we are not afraid to share our model.

A proposal is different from execution. A firm could copy and add our three-step consulting approach in its proposal, but they may not have the skills to deploy it to meet your unique circumstances. That is what makes us unique – the Summit advantage.

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