Team conflict vs team harmony

  1. Are you allowed to ask any questions to the CEO or chairman of the meeting without any possibility of repercussions?
  2. Before the meeting, does the Chairman ask you to submit your questions in advance or they encourage open hour or questions to the CEO where they ask freely the priorities of the business, what is working and what is not?
  3. Do you share clear team targets and hold members accountable for performance at every meeting while pointing figures where planned commitments and activities were not done leading to poor performance?
  4. Do members discuss personal challenges openly?

If your answer to the above is a NO, then you have no conflict which is a building block to high performing teams and makes work interesting as people look forward to coming to work the next day.

Team harmony is an oxymoron. It is a cover-up for some rot inside. If you never trust one another you just come, sit on your desk and just wait for losses to happens. However, with conflict, there is high accountability.

Which kind of team do you have?

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