Money, religion and sex

The angry lady at a saloon

Men. Why do they it. Men… You men, why do you do it? She started the monologue immediately she came to clean my head after the haircut.

Most of the time, I ask my barber to complete the job.

Today, the saloon was very busy. The barber asked me to allow one of the ladies to work on me, as he works on another customer. I accepted.

A lady, who appeared in her mid-30s came and started off adjusting my seat. She extended her arm to my chest, as if to open the first button on my shirt, to which I told her to stop. She responded by saying “you don’t want to feel my touch.” I kept quiet.

She then got a hot towel and covered my face with it. I was like being suffocated. The feeling was so uncomfortable since my nose and mouth were both covered. I told her to hurry up.

To which she replied “Men. Men…. Can you imagine my friend has called me that my man is asking her out?” I ignored her. Now I could see from the mirror she was getting pissed off. She started rotating my head, from side to side. I am not used to such things. I told her to apply after shave and finish.
“You man. You are complicated”, she said. I told her that this is January. Many people who don’t steal have no time to play around.

Now she placed her two palms on my face and started squeezing it, saying “you men, what do you want in other women which I don’t have?”

Now my heart got so scared because I noticed this woman needs help. I told her that I must go, to which she reluctantly released my head. I combed myself, paid and exited.
I have never experienced something like that. This was a very hungry lady and I pity the next customer she will work on. For me, I will never accept her to touch in my head again.


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