The end of a Ravi Zacharias (March 1946 -May 2020) – a global icon falls

He taught us to speak out for what we stand for. He was not just a Christian defender. He was a teacher. A professor.

He taught us to speak out for what we stand for. He was not just a Christian defender. He was a teacher. A professor. An author. A leader. A mentor. A writer. An educated man. A great orator. A researcher. A philosopher. And a man who was not afraid to speak and stand for what he believed in.

Many of us follow blindly the religions we inherit from our parents, grandparents, and elders. We are exposed to one religion that we practice from birth to death. We get trained in one religion. We are never educated. Accordingly, we speak from an uninformed point of view. We are taught never to question any dogma. Never read any literature that questions our beliefs. We read from one text. And listen to the same people. We live a life of blissful ignorance of our inherited beliefs.

Not with Ravi Zacharias.

He was a researcher and an informed man, who invested a lot of his wisdom to study about God. I never met him personally. I did not have to.

But I followed his writings and speeches closely, always researching to find out more. He was always far ahead in his understanding of the Universe, God, and religion. A writer of over 30 books, and speaker at so many conferences and events, Ravi was a great man who simplified Christianity, and provided a template for Christian apologists to urge from three levels: from logic to make it tenable; from feelings to make it liveable, and from whether one has the right to use it to make moral judgments.

His style of preaching focused on Christianity’s answers to life’s tough questions over existentialism.

It does not matter what you believe in. What matters is believing with the right education and not training. You must seek for knowledge and all the information you require. Click To Tweet

Ravi is dead, but his writing, speeches, and talks will outlive him. In this era where it is we appear brilliant and intelligent by a mere proclamation of atheism, the world needs more of the kinds of Ravi to continue intelligence discourses on the existential questions. To read more about Ravi, click here. To listen to one of his talks, click here. Here you will learn about Ravi’s thinking and his thinking of the challenge of the 21st Century generation: can man live without God? May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peach.

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