The ever-rising #covid19 cases in Uganda

When you think too much about something, it becomes your reality. The coronavirus pandemic news is all over the Internet that no one would be blamed for dreaming about it. At the start, everyone was worried. Wearing face masks. Keeping social distance. And of course, few cars on the road.

I have noticed things are slowly going back to normal.

  1. At my home, I see people walking by past the curfew hours of 7:0pm. And these move in groups. There are no designated numbers to call to report such people.
  2. At our local supermarket, they have always closed at 4pm. However, yesterday I noticed they kept the supermarket open until 6 pm. I wanted to wait and see the closing time but I feared to break the night curfew directives as I had to be home by 7 pm sharp.
  3. There are so many cars on the road one wonders whether the lockdown was lifted. You will see traffic jam around town if you live in Kisaasi, you must have seen the bumper to bumper traffic. It is as if the schools have opened. There must be an investigation into all drivers on the road. Something is not right. As it looks, seems only my car is parked.
  4. The recent directives allowed many businesses to open including restaurants and hardware shops, among others. The operators of these businesses are not enforcing any #covid19 prevention guidelines. No social distance is observed. Body temperature is not being taken. Disinfection is not enforced. People are gathering and talking.
  5. As of today, confirmed cases by the Ministry of Health, are 122, of which 55 have recovered and 28 are still admitted. The cases continue to rise attributed to long-distance Truck drivers from Kenya and Tanzania.
  6. What are the government’s plans to open the economy amid the ever-increasing cases? As I see it, #covid19 should be classified as another disease like malaria, diabetes, HIV, etc and people allowed to live with it subject to stringent social distancing practices, automatic spraying to disinfect people entering and exiting public squares, among others before the lockdown cripples the economy. True, covid19 spreads quickly, and with many cases, health systems are overwhelmed. Now that we know how it spreads, effort should be on implementing preventative controls and not locking people down.

I hope this shall come to an end soon.
For now, stay home. Stay safe.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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