The future of a Summit Consulting Ltd staffer

At Summit Consulting Ltd (SCL), we improve the client’s condition in three defined areas – Forensics (know who did what), Advisory (score many goals

At Summit Consulting Ltd (SCL), we improve the client’s condition in three defined areas – Forensics (know who did what), Advisory (score many goals (grow revenue), do not concede (cut costs)) and Security (protect your intellectual property and don’t be a victim of cybercrime).

Our clients operate in competitive industries like banking, telecoms, services, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, media to mention but seven.   The global market place is highly competitive. Now Amazon competes with local retail shops for all consumer products from electronics to books and more. PayPal, PesaPal, Visa now compete with local banks in money remittance businesses. The bank’s role as an intermediator has been disrupted by innovations like fin techs and mobile money.

The rules of business games have been re-written.

As consultants to clients that are at the frontline of innovation,  SCL staffer must be savvy across multiple domains of technology (platforms vs software vs applications vs ecosystems),  enterprise governance (COBIT, ISO 270001, ITIL, OWASP, PRINCE2, PMI, and such leading practice models and methodologies of structured IT governance and project management), and digital marketing ready. A winning Summit Consulting folk is one who understands new technologies and disruptive models like big data, machine learning, virtual reality or augmented reality, gaming, internet of things and robotics and the ethics therein and why. The level of knowledge may vary depending on the primary expertise.

No client respects a consultant with ‘internet’ style models and abstract templates and tools. They look forward to the originality of thought and application of thought leadership to the challenges at hand.

Part I: The future of summit staffer part1

You are expected to know new technologies and events to the level of making a short 30 minutes presentation on any of the above topics without prior preparation. As consultants, we sell insights. We add value to our clients so as to help them win.

Our experience has shown that staff who read across domains make a significant impact on clients than those who limit their knowledge in the primary areas of their specialization.

Whether a qualified accountant, you must understand cybersecurity. It is critical that you interest yourself in ethical hacking, cybersecurity and fraud investigations. It may take you some years to gain the fluency required, but you must start now. That is how we have been able to be ranked #1 transformative consultants by our respective clients. And for that reason, Summit Consulting Ltd has remained the consultants of last resort when it comes to business intelligence and forensics.

We are usually called in when other consultants have failed to complete the jobs. Because we do not accept any client that calls us, we are always on the lookout on interest cases – the tough ones where we not only redefine excellence but help the victims get heard. That is why we have attained over 98% success rate in all our forensic investigation cases since 2008 when we set up our first forensic lab.

It is one thing to win. It is tough to stay on top. For this reason, SCL staffers must be willing to go the extra mile. To be comfortable in front of an audience. To be great in making public presentations. In selling and influencing stakeholders to understand their point of view properly. And in offering insights that other consultants would not. Our consultants read a lot to make advice based on wider viewpoints due to aggressive reading, research, and exposure.

So, want to join Summit Consulting?

You are welcome. But first, you must learn to sell. You must be able to go to the market and make a sale. That is the only way we get to understand that you can respect people who bring business. We don’t want consultants that don’t understand how value is created. No one can be called a great chef if they are unable to move out of the kitchen and go to the market to buy the foot and cooking ingredients! They must be great at serving the food as well to make it great to look at in the first place.

At Summit Consulting we create a culture of agility and proactiveness with a market-focused outlook. We want consultants who think more about the external environment and revenue growth since this is usually the biggest challenge for many of our private sector clients. They come to us for advisory services seeking growth. Even those who come to us for digital forensics, they want to identify areas of revenue leakages and close the gaps. Always it is about the bottom line.

A great SCL staff is passionate and shrewd. And that is what our work ethic tries to nurture – passion – the ability to continue doing what you do even if you are not paid to do it. For this reason, out of 100% staff who join, only about 10% make it celebrate their first anniversary.  Like in US elite army, only just 5% of those who enroll graduate.

Why? Because it is usually not about paper qualifications and rote learning– but resilience and passion. The ability to block out noise and focus on the future with confidence that defines a true Summitarian.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to Summit Consulting.

The place for young, brilliant people who want to make a difference. To be continued to part 3.

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