The habits of star performers

Not all staff are the same. Star performers have habits for high performance. A habit is something a staff does daily. It is part

Not all staff are the same.

Star performers have habits for high performance. A habit is something a staff does daily. It is part of their sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind asks many questions and, in the process, slows things down. It will ask why often.  It is the area which harbors procrastination. Why do this today. I will do it tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, I will do it next week. In the process, the month goes by without any success.

The conscious mind preaches perfection – which is a road block to progress. No innovative company has ever waited to be 100% sure. Even in very sensitive sectors like health, new medicines never tested before on human beings are made and administered when their effectiveness is not yet at 100%! Why, life is about progress. Someone must pay a cost for man-kind to learn, improve and make it better. That is why new versions of medicines are manufactured, new versions of books are written, and of course new car models come on the market: reason – progress. Mistakes in the old versions are studied and better models made to address them. The conscious mind does not support a habit.

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Who tells you to go wash your face and wear clothes after getting out of bed? Who tells you to check your mobile phone social media updates? Who tells you to go to ease yourself when you realize you need to? Who reminds you about going to bed?

It is the power of habit. The power of the subconscious mind.

Excellent staff identify the best daily habits that are critical to their achievement of company and departmental objectives and do them daily without being reminded by any one, in addition to other expected targets.

For example, there are good habits to take note of:

  • Daily checking of the company website; and sharing a link of the featured product from the company’s website to one’s social media connections. This helps promote your company brand by increasing external web traffic from your friends.
  • Writing relevant blog articles in partnership with the marketing department to improve on the stock of intellectual discussions. This is true for service firms especially professional ones like auditors, accountants, lawyers, doctors and engineers. Thiers is a business of influence and power opinions.
  • The habbit of asking your boss what help they would need from you today, as this keeps communication lines open and you are sure you are in good books with your boss. Never try to hide yourself from your immediate supervisor. The more you communicate and more work you get, the better.
  • Searching on-line and newspapers to identify business opportunities; and informing your team about the opportunities so that they may be evaluated
  • Scanning the market to understand upcoming events that are relevant for the company and providing on-going updates to your immediate supervisor. And many more such ideas.

Once you do those things before even taking morning tea or checking on your social media networks, you will make yourself more valuable than the rest of the staff.

Companies need people who have productive habits. Who are self-driven to succeed. Who take the initiative to be proactive and update their teams, peers and supervisors of any progress or status before they are reminded to do so. That is the secret of success.  Have habits.

Do them so often that they are part of your subconscious mind. That way you will do it without effort and yet others will labor and struggle to do it


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