The hard sell

A CEO of one of the manufacturing companies gave me an appointment to meet him at 10:00 am. On the dot, I was at

A CEO of one of the manufacturing companies gave me an appointment to meet him at 10:00 am. On the dot, I was at his office reception despite the Kampala traffic jam. To his word, he came out, exchanged pleasantries and called his colleague, Chief Finance Officer to meet me on his behalf.

That is when things suddenly changed. 

This folk, a masculine man, with glasses in his mid-50’s asked me to follow him to his office. After opening and closing several doors, we arrived.

“You are Mustapha, right.” Yes, I am Mustapha Bernabas. Eh! Bernabas. Mustapha? I don’t understand. “It’s like Barack Hussein Obama”, I  said. Ok, I get you.

CFO: So, tell me briefly about your proposal with the CEO.

Mustapha: Are you happy with your team cohesion, clarity of targets and daily habits to deliver the results? Our #winningmindspark team cohesion and culture of execution helps your managers win. Are you happy with the performance of your manager?

So, what results can you deliver within the next one month after starting?

That is the problem with culture. It is never transactional. It is a process. Our solutions require working closely with your team to create habits for performance culture.  Before we talk about results, we need to know your current KPIs to the respective managers and how they are fairing. Our focus is on whether they understand the targets, their lead and lag indicators in place to monitor execution. The lead indicators help create the behavior needed to deliver your KPIs. And that is where our focus goes – small changes for consistent results – the #winningmindspark approach.

Which other manufacturers do (are) you currently working with on this?

I am afraid. I am unable to disclose this information due to confidentiality. If you give me the opportunity to work with you, and you allow us to use you as our referees on this, I would be glad to state so to my prospects.  If I may know, why do you want to know this information?

What is the cost of all this? How much will you charge?

Let us not talk about money for now. Let’s first understand your needs and how you will measure the value I add to you.

What are your top 3 expectations of this intervention?

Great. Let’s meet tomorrow with the EXCO and take this further. What is your preferred time?

10:30 am.

See you then. Bye. Bye.


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