The humanity trap

Contents1 Money, religion and sex are also known as the inescapable three – they are hard to avoid. They capture each and every soul.2

Money, religion and sex are also known as the inescapable three – they are hard to avoid. They capture each and every soul.


Figure 1: Inescapable three


The atheists – folks who do not believe in God or Godly things, always fall hard for money. They say too much love for money makes people disregard God. For, it is a damn tough call, to pursue both and get to the peak of them all. To get one in the desired quantity and quality, you have to sacrifice the other. It is difficult to be too religious with lots of money.

For religion will advise that do not just pursue money. Sell part of your estate and donate to the poor. Which pot do you pick: money or religion?

And this brings us to sex. It gives the best relaxation of all.It is life. For without it, you cannot reproduce. Without reproduction, we cannot have continuity of mankind. As you read this, there is no human living born in the 18th century.

Money can buy you material things for your needs. Religion is the medicine for the soul. Given that there is no science that can prolong life beyond 200 years, it goes without saying that religion is the best explanation. Aging defeats any logic and scientific discoveries to date.

The best way is to balance all the three. Make enough money without hurting others in the process. The world is too big and with lots of opportunities for us all.

Let people decide on their religion. Do not impose your religious believes on others. Religion is a personal call. Prayer is your private moment with your creator. You have the freedom of how to do this. Your religion grows with more knowledge you attain about life. The more you read and appreciate human ingenuity and the limitations of money to replicate a human being, especially the human brain. You acknowledge God.

And sex. You need it too. Unfortunately, you need religion and money to enjoy it in a meaningful way. When you get lots of money, but without religion, you end up abusing sex. You go into multiple relationships and leave your or their souls bruised and leaving a line of bastards behind. That is a bad mix. Too much religion without money to live happily with brings to you lots of questions of your beliefs. This will be worsened if you live nearby a privileged neighbor.

Do not be a prisoner of any of the three. Balance them. And you will indeed have a fulfilling life.

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