The invisible pandemic: go away #covid19

About three months ago, people in all parts of the world celebrated the turn of the decade. Little did the world know that something

About three months ago, people in all parts of the world celebrated the turn of the decade. Little did the world know that something called #coronavirus was prowling around as we said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed 2020 in style.

The world is set such that some people must die to give room for some people that must be born. That way, fresh ideas emerge, the world continues to exist without depletion by man. It has been like that for eons.

But pandemics tilt this natural formula of world auto-balancing. So many people die in so short time which risks depriving the world of good ideas. The sudden death of so many people unexpectedly does not allow time to plan for death. Coronavirus victims are dying alone. That prospect of death away from family and friends is the most scaring experience – the patient is worried just like the survivors –  is my family safe? But I did not tell my last advice. The worry on victims before they give in to #covid19 as reported by doctors and health workers is one that makes death by #coronavirus bad indeed.

Why death?

Death is essential to give way for new life to grow. Otherwise, the world would by now be too small to support all of humanity. And for this reason, scientific discoveries to extend people’s lives beyond say 200 or 500 years have not been made or supported. It is just a bad idea for people or living things not to die.

If such a discovery was to happen, it would lead to unfair life ‘units’ allocation. Capitalists and greedy politicians in control of public resources would buy the life-extending technology for themselves, families, friends and honchos while letting the lower cadres to die… such would not be a natural fair selection leading to so many unfair early death and possible extinction of communities and some societies… in the world. Before long, the world would be devoid of some species or races or countries which would affect innovations and breakthroughs.

Conclusion: the death of living things is good for humanity and the world.  That way, space is provided for the new life to emerge. When you plant a seed in the soil, it must first die for a new one to grow!

How you meet death is what must be managed.

Scientific developments have focused on delivering ‘good death’. People should die in the company of their loved ones and at the right times. After saying goodbyes and with a smile. That is what all of us still alive pray or look forward to. And for the scientists, that is what we want.

And then #covid19 disrupts everything.

The fact that it is affecting so many people in the world, killing so many people within just 20 days and killing victims in isolation, makes this disease a bad one.

Before you are worried about the end of humanity, check out this website,

The above data shows the total world population at 7.8 billion people! As of today, the total birth is 151,000 compared to total death today 63,393! This means the world population has grown by 87,607 today!

A real serious global problem would arise at a point where global death exceeds global birth. Keep in mind, some of these statistics are estimates as it is may be very difficult to monitor all global birth and death since in many African countries, for example, birth and deaths are not tracked. There is no central database to monitor these critical numbers. Therefore, only averages are used. Be it as it may, new birth exceeds new death by far. For this fact, the global population is increasing at a fast rate.

On average, global statistics show that average population growth this year is 19.5million! The rate of population growth is far ahead of death.

One could say, pandemics come to attempt to control this. When the world is worried that it may become too small to support all of humanity, a natural braking system, in this case, the #covid19 pandemic comes into play. I hope that this theory is not correct.

Maybe some people plan for the world population.

And once in a while, diseases like #covid19 happen when they know that such diseases are likely to happen! That is the most scaring thing indeed. The invisible pandemic keeps getting worse. Challenging all great nations on earth. Making all of us stop everything. Proving that man can live at home without football and competitive games and survive!

Data from the World Health Organisation show that the virus is not relenting. The problem continues to escalate in the United States and Europe. We pray for the people in these countries.

If this invisible virus has managed to test the health systems in these developed nations, what will happen when the virus lands in Africa in full swing? We are all worried. If indeed this is nature’s balancing act – to reduce the global population, it is even more worrisome.

We know it will soon come to an end. We cannot wait any longer for its end.

#stay home. Stay safe. We pray to all victims – affected and infected.

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