The journey of my life, in your three keys to a worry-free life…, part 2

I agree that “it is not about falling, but what you do when you fall, that makes all the difference.” If you lack clear

I agree that “it is not about falling, but what you do when you fall, that makes all the difference.” If you lack clear direction, it is difficult to proceed after falling.

The point is you can always overcome any kind of setback as long as you have clarity of your destiny.

Despite these and many more setbacks, I can say with confidence that I finally made it. After several years of trying, there is a process to a successful and worryfree life.  It is summarized in The Three Keys you about to discover in this book.

In your journey to success, you will experience several setbacks and challenges. That is a normal part of life. As you will read in this book, I have experienced a lot of them. It is the quality of the decisions you make in the face of a setback that gets you ahead.  

The most important thing of all is to enrich your mind with awareness and knowledge of what great is and looks like. Find out what exactly it means to be rich. How do the rich enjoy life and live? And after hitting that coveted US 1 m dollars or three billion Uganda shillings, what next?

Once you know and define clearly what success means, you will be halfway to your goals and dreams. You will find it too difficult to attain beyond what you have defined to achieve. If you are not exposed or knowledgeable, you will tend to think poorly and set goals that are hazy and too low.

For that reason, the lack of knowledge and exposure is the worst enemy to mankind. And it is the reason for the slow pace of development around us, especially in rural Africa.

In this Your Three Keys to a WorryFree Life, you will pick tools and strategies to improve your current condition regardless of your background. In my first chapter, find how my background helped turnaround my life. In the second chapter, find the Five Fs you must balance to live happily and how to balance them; this is the longest and most key critical chapter. In chapter three, find the tools you need to grow your wealth.

I’ve worked for some of the best global companies. I continue to consult for some of the top companies in Uganda and beyond. I have a loving family and I have been able to run a successful business. I continue to touch so many lives through my publications especially Summit Business magazine ( for which I have met a few successful entrepreneurs who have thanked me for the contribution of my work to their lives. I thank God for all this and I am happy to say that everyone can be successful as long as you are clear of what success means to you.  What is it you want to attain?

I have seen it all – I come from one of the most remote villages in rural Uganda. I was raised by a single mom who had to look after nine of us, in a rented house in the village!

Every family has its secrets, and that is what I will say of ours. The bottom line is: if you are not like me, you are probably from a far better background. There is no reason you cannot do better than I have done. I’ve attained top qualifications including Certified Public Accountant, Information Systems Auditor, Fraud Examiner and Master of Business Administration which most people just dream of all through self-sponsorship with no student loan whatsoever. I sit on different boards of directors, thanks to Fr. John Mungereza who trusted me with one of his boards and opened the doors for me at the high corporate table for many others. I am the director of a foundation whose objectives are to promote literacy in Uganda. I am happy to say that regardless of your present stage in life, you will find this book very useful.

Remember, every copy of this book you buy, 10% of whatever you pay goes to The Literary Foundation, whose goal is to promote literacy. Change a mind and you’ll surely change the world.

To read more, get a copy of Your Three Keys to A Worry-Free Life.

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