The manual bank of Uganda


#Mindspark Caller: Is this Mustapha B. Mugisa? x 2

Me: Who is this? x 2

Caller: This xx bank. Did you know these payments??

Me: Yes, I know those payments. Why have they delayed. We approved on Monday 27 July?

Caller: We could not get you on phone?

Me: What if I had travelled? Do you know those are staff salaries? And today is 1st August? Why not use WhatsApp or Email or SMS? Why not enable online banking and I approve electronically?

Caller: We shall be there…

Me: Ok, stay on the road. Keep moving in circles. We are in COVID-19 baby… times have changed. Better arrive! —-

Banks have tried their best to invest in digital and automation. But are not upgrading staff skills to much with the new normal.

You cannot use staff with 1990s skills and attitude to drive the banking of 2020. Better start training your people to use the systems and tools you have set up!

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