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The new term: financial accident

This is a new concept: “financial accident.’ I just called a colleague of mine who has been out of circulation.

Me: “Sir, how are you? What happened, you are lost?” Ans: “Man, I am not fine. I got an accident.” Me: “Oh sorry, how are you doing. Which hospital are you?” Him: “In fact, I am at home. Feeling so low. This financial accident thing is horrible. I’ve low morale. I suddenly failed to get money, and it seems it is going to take long to come.

The accident is becoming malignant.” Me: It’s tight. But please, don’t lock yourself up. Thank you for remembering me.

This discussion got me thinking how folks are suffering out there. The lack of financial discipline and training is deadly. Are you good at managing your incomes and expenses? Financial accident is deadly and you must avoid it by doing proper planning and cash flow management.
I remain yours, Mustapha Mugisa. 2013
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