The pit hole rule: “Don’t get ready stay ready”

Technology is slowly killing traditional local knowledge.
Gone are the days of using pit latrines for sanitation. Before flashing toilets, we would dig up 50 feet pits and call them to pit latrine. That is where one would go for the so-called “long call.”

Note that today, the mobile phone has changed the meaning of this word. When one says, ‘long call’. It is understood by the Baby Boomer generation to mean speaking on the mobile phone for many minutes or being too long on the phone call.

The pit hole rule states that “Don’t get ready. Stay ready.”

This rule has been applied for centuries in the areas of risk management and strategic planning.
As one digs the pit latrine, they tie a rope around their waist. As if that is not enough, they also dig anchor holes in the pit which one can use to climb down or up. In addition, there is always a ladder nearby and someone up monitoring the situation as well as helping pull out the soil from the pit.

The objective is to manage risk. In case of soft ground causing the pit to collapse down, the rope around the waist of the digger would help in the rescue. If that fails, the holes on the side of the pit would act as PLAN B.

That is the kind of preparation that the blue color workers put in to dig a pit latrine.
How are you thinking ahead in whatever you do use the pit hole rule?

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