The Saint of the Day: Saint NORBERT

SAINT NORBERT was born at Xanten near Köln (Cologne) about the year 1080.
As a young cleric he resided at the court of the Archbishop of Köln and then at that of the emperor where he allowed himself to be influenced by the spirit of the world.

But he was won back by grace; caught by a storm during a journey on horseback he made up his mind to take his clerical obligations seriously. After ordination to the priesthood, he devoted himself to itinerant preaching.

In 1120, on the advice of the bishop of Laon, he settled in the forest of Voix, not far from Soissons at a place called Premontre, in order to found a community of regular Canons. In 1126 he was sent to what was then one of the outposts of Christendom for he was appointed archbishop of Magdeburg. He died in 1134.

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