The sister temptations, part 3

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She looked at me and kissed me. I enjoyed the warm kiss. I put off the light in the sitting room; and left only the television on. I held her tightly. And she too.

And as they say the rest is history.

“Let me know if you need a massage. Your shoulders look stiff. This is holiday. You need to relax”, she said.

“You have never watched a movie with me. Why?” She added, as she moved away from me. Usually, I avoid such temptations by leaving the house and going out to catch up with my friends.

This time, I had just returned home.  I found it so neat and everything well organized. And I complemented her for it. “great work you have done keeping this place tidy,” I said as she came back from the kitchen holding a jag full of cocktail juice. She just looked at me and replied “thank you” with the lips elongated towards me.

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The fact is I was now seeing more details about her.

You see as a lawyer, I am always too busy. I usually have no time to notice details about people I don’t have to. This is who I am. Now at home, this woman was going getting beyond my brains to my heart – a gate of emotions.

She knelt before me. Put the jag on the lower coffee table. Obstructing my direct view to the television. Now I think she wanted my full attention on her. she had put on a tight dress. In an instant I noticed her curvaceous body. Like an innocent virgin girl, she tilted her head down and started pouring for me juice.

I looked at her carefully from hair to toe.

I felt something. She looked like her sister. Only that this one had more time for me in a special way.

After serving the juice, she held the glass and moved one knee towards me, “I have made this one thinking about you.”

I said “thanks” and grabbed the glass from her. I tried to be rude, “don’t you see I am watching television.” She just looked at me and poked me on the leg, “don’t be kasiru!”

I tried to ignore her presence.

I got my phone and opened WhatsApp. It is now around 9:30pm. My wife was off. However, I found a message she had left for me,

“Love, I am missing you guys. I have been told about a factory in province 800 miles from Shenzhen. I will be taking an early morning train. Going to bed now. I will be coming back home in two weeks, instead of the coming week I had planned. Keep safe. And greet the children for me. Bye, loving wife.”

Something came to my mind. May be this woman she is not missing us. How do you postpone the trip to two weeks, when you had said you were coming soon? She is more about her business than me. Even in the message she wrote “I am missing you guys.” She did not say “I am missing you.” Maybe she is missing the children.

I was busy in the thought process, I did not notice when the sister left the sitting room. After 10 minutes she returned, “Sweetheart. Dinner is ready. Please can’t you put the phone down. You need to relax at your home. And they said I look after you well.”

She led me to the dinning. Served me on the plates. And without doing anything just looked at me as I ate. Having nothing else to pay attention to but food, I looked at her. She looked at me and asked “you need more soup? Is the food ok? I hope you love it. I don’t know why my sister takes all the best things.”

I continued eating and just looking at her as she spoke.

Noticing that I was eating dry food. She opened the food flask; and served me more chicken. “I know you love this piece”, she said.

Now I know why the say “the path to one’s heart is throug his stomach.” I started having strong feelings about this lady. I saw some innocence in her. Her smashing beauty. I remembered the words of my friends “why can’t good things like that happen to me… she is your wife not relative. You commit no crime for not eating her…”

I finished eating and thanked her for the Supper.

I went to the bedroom, just across hers. And closed the door behind me. I locked myself inside. But again, I reasoned myself “what has come over you. This is your home. How do you imprison yourself? What if something bad happened to you at night.”  I unlocked the door but left it closed.

I headed off to the bathroom.

I finished bathing. And put on my night dress. At about 10:30 pm; I decided to go back to the sitting room to watch commentaries for the Champions League game that was about to start in 15 minutes time.

I did not know where she came from.

She approached me, knelt down and said “good night. My husband.”

I don’t know why the brains did not allow me to reply at her shouting “You are not my wife.” I just sat there. Stuck. I think I was stark by her night dress. I could visually see the shape of her body. Specifically, her breast tips.

She started slowly moving away from me. A few steps away, she banged her leg on the table. Made noise and called for my help. I ran towards her. And held her feet to check if all was fine. She had indeed knocked her self-bad. But there was no blood.

She looked at me and kissed me. I enjoyed the warm kiss. I put off the light in the sitting room; and left only the television on. I held her tightly. And she too.

And as they say the rest is history. We made love.

I just had 10 minutes of an intense activity.

Immediately after, I moved quickly and ran to the bathroom.

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I sat on the floor and reality set in. I had no protection. This small lady devil had succeeded trapping me. I had betrayed my wife of more than seven years with her sister. I wanted to forget the entire last twelve minutes in vain. Even I could not have the presence of mind to go to the sitting room to watch the match.

I put on WhatsApp to just speak to my wife. She was not yet on. I left her a message “Love, missing you. Wish you the best of the trip. Please come back home soon.”

I bathed and entered bed.

To be continued.



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