Money, religion and sex

The sister temptations

‘She found me in the sitting room. Held me tightly, her soft palms covering my ears fully. For a moment I could not understand what was going. She gave me a kiss. And in an instant, she shouted ‘I am sorry. Forgive. You are too cute to resist. I don’t know why my sister has got all the best things in life.’ She ran back to her bedroom and locked the door.’

I now accept that however strong the body might be, if the mind is weakened, you are finished. After the breakfast in bed, I started thinking about my wife’s sister. She became so much present in the home.

This girl is good. She is caring about me. With hindsight I now understand the saying that the easiest way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. I saw the temptations heightening and decided to get out of the house. I asked our two children – aged 4 and 8; to join me for daddy’s day out leaving my wife’s sister at home with the maid.

My plan was to come home very late and just go to bed.

I had a great day out with the kids. We watched a cartoon movie. Jumped the castles. I realized how much I had missed in my teen years. The outing gave me a perfect bonding experience.

At about 4pm, the children asked to return home. I knew this was a bad idea but had no option. Now my sister’s wife was getting a lot to my mind. I did not want to return early to her temptations.

We arrived home at about 5:20pm. For the first time, she opened the gate for us. Ran fast and caught us still parking the car. She knelt and greeted me. She gave me a lot of respect. In my mind, I started to immediately compare with my wife, her sister ‘how come she has never knelt for me’?

I went to the bedroom, locked it and put on music. I slept away thanks to the jumping castles I had enjoyed with the kids. At about 10pm, I woke up. I open the door and checked at the dinning table for supper. I found food on the table. She was still watching TV!

Just as I sat on the table, she switched off the TV, and came on the dinning table. She requested for a minute to warm the source as the food was in the flask. She quickly went to the kitchen and returned with warm source and matooke. She looked at me. And said “I was told to look after you very well. I was worried that you will sleep on an empty stomach. Thanks for waking up early. Let me know anything else you need.”

She sat on the dinning table and watched me eat. No typing on the mobile phone. No words. Just looking at me. I could see her in the corner of my eye. Her lips wet. Slightly open. And resting on hand on her thighs. Slowly rubbing it up and down. While the other on the table. And just looking at me.

I was starting to see the resemblance with her sister, my wife. I started to see my wife’s image in her.

Whenever I am faced with such temptations, I count from 1000 downwards. I started counting slowly… One thousand. Nine hundred ninety-nine. Nine hundred ninety-eight. As I was about to say ninety-seven. She broke the silence.

“So tell me, how did it go? How was your day with the kids. They were so happy with their dad today, I could see it as I was bathing them. You are the best dad in the whole world.”

I looked at her and just said “thank you. They are great kids.”

“I have made your favorite passion fresh juice. I did it myself. Please drink a little.”

As a man, I know there is no free lunch. Usually such 5-star treatment come with strings attached. I decided to enjoy the spoils. I took the juice. Then another glass. And another glass.

I looked at her and said: “thanks for supper.” And left. I went directly into my bedroom and locked. I put on music and slept away.

Day 2.

Having slept late at about 11:20 pm the previous night, I woke up late at about 8:00am. This being a holiday, I decided to chill. Life has been so hectic. And for us men, once you clock 50s, you start minding more about your health and family than other things. It was so good to find a missed WhatsApp call from my wife.

Still in bed. I tried to chat back. I told her about our day out with the children. Shared pictures. She replied with a self visibly happy. She told me she was finding great deals. And that I should not worry. I should relax. She told me how she was missing me and that I should not mind, since she would be returning in four days’ time.

I got out of bed. Cleaned up. And went to the sitting room to catch up on news.

I did not see where she came from. My wife’s sister found me in the sitting room. Without saying a word, she held me tightly, her soft palms covering my ears fully. For a moment I could not understand what was going. She gave me warm a kiss. And in an instant, she shouted ‘I am sorry. Forgive. You are too cute to resist. I don’t know why my sister has got all the best things in life.’ She ran back to her bedroom and locked the door.’

It happened so quickly it kept replaying in my head.

I could remember the covering of my both ears with her soft hands. The instant sudden kiss. Her soft body. The words my sister always gets the best. I am an old man. I could not go on phone and start WhatsApping my wife about her sister’s actions. I just kept quiet.

After about an hour. She came out. And knelt before me asking for forgiveness. “I don’t know what had gone over me. I am so sorry. Forgive me. Please do not report me to my sister. I love her so much. But you are just so good to resist. Please forgive me.”

I looked at her and said “don’t worry. It is ok.”

I did not know immediately how I had made the biggest mistake of my life. It was as if I had told her to continue tempting me.

I decided to move out of the house and catch up with my friends for a drink. I told them a story of a man with a wife’s sister living in their home, and how the young girl kept him distracted. They all laughed and wondered “why such good things never happen to them.” They all said, if it happened, they would explore. That is young blood, one said “since you have no blood relationship. You need to explore. And sometimes the parents of your wife, do some of these things intentionally so that ‘you’ the man ‘stays’ within their family.”

I brushed them off. We laughed about it. And I left home with some litres of Uganda Waragi in the stomach.

I arrived at home at about 8pm. She came and welcomed me. She sat me in the sitting room. The kids were in their rooms. She removed my socks. It was so romantic. This young girl, my sisters wife, was a class act far away from my wife, at least when it came to matters of managing men. You see, I want to be in charge. I want to be made a man I am.

A woman who removes your socks, at least occasionally when she needs something sexy from you is miles ahead. That moment really gave me so serious thoughts for her.

I was slowly falling in love. But I did not show it.

Let me know if you need a massage. Your shoulders look stiff. This is holiday. You need to relax.

To be continued.

This is a guest blog. Copyright 2019.  


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  • Emmanuel Kaggwa

    It is so tempting but as a devoted husband you have to stick to the vows you exchanged with your wife on that day of saying “I do”

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