The three skills of outliers, part 2

Leaders want people who make their work light. The success of any company is directly related to the quality of the staff. Why do

Leaders want people who make their work light. The success of any company is directly related to the quality of the staff.

Why do some companies, with fewer resources, connections, capital, and opportunities thrive while others with everything at their disposal fail miserably to grow? Why is a country like Israel without any natural resources like oil, minerals, and freshwater succeed tremendously while highly endowed countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many others continue to struggle and lose her people to curable diseases?

The answer is the quality of people.

For this reason, asked, what top three key skills make one an exceptional talent, the answer is (1) trust, (2) skill and (3) passion as demonstrated by ambition and commitment

In this part 2, I explore why skilled employees make organizations.

Skill is divided into three: intellectual firepower, hands-on experience, and nurture or common sense that is critical for leadership advantage.

How much have you invested in your brains in terms of technical knowledge and content? You need qualifications, personal study, and general knowledge to understand global dynamics and interrelations. Whoever knows more, has an advantage because few people read. Imagine a Medical doctor or Engineer or Accountant who understands the power of politics and how global politics operate. Such a Doctor has an advantage when it comes to positioning and impact. They have the presence of mind to put political systems in perspective in the course of their work.

Practical or hands-on skills demonstrate capabilities. They prove that you are educated NOT trained. One can train say a dog. But to transform communities, you educate people to think on their own. To think, research and apply and show results. To not wait for guidance but to provide suggestions and take initiative.

Common sense is rare but so critical. It separates a robotic human being from an intelligent one. However well-trained one maybe, if they lack common sense they cannot make a real impact. For this reason, someone who did not go to school is able to start a business and succeed while people with higher degrees fail even to run a small business. They lack common sense, special intelligence and social skills critical for success.

To be continued

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